Metal Gear Jesus: religious parallels in the Metal Gear Solid series

Destructoid writes: "In between all the awful(ly amazing) Solid Snake impressions on Podtoid's 50th episode, Tiff Chow and I got into a very brief, very nonspecific conversation about the possible presence of the Holy Trinity in the Metal Gear Solid series.
I thought, to kick off our Official Countdown to MGS4 (each day this week, an editor -- probably Chad, since he came up the idea in the first place -- will present a feature discussing a different aspect of the series), I'd go full tilt with the whole Bible analogy thing and find out just how many MGS characters have counterparts in the Bible.
Sure, you can chalk up many of these to simple application of the Joseph Campbell hero myth or perhaps total coincidence, but where's the fun in that?"

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Kami3785d ago

what the hell??lol
the pose on the video is more like the spiderman pose than anything

theKiller3784d ago

what the connection between jesus and MGS? must they always make fun of jesus??


can i ask u how did u upload the picture of spiderman movie?? because i tried to upload it under the reply to comments there is Attach Images but it wonr work for me!


sinncross3784d ago

Is this like a joke posting?

I guess it makes sense, though its a bit far-fetched at times.
The S3 plan could not equal the Holy Spirit. the HS, Jesus and God make up one entity... but are three different parts. The Snake and Big Boss works, but unless I am mistaken ,Big Boss didn't create the S3 plan.

Liquid couldn't be Satan either... Satan is not jealous of Jesus, like Liquid is jealous of Snake. Liquid also doesn't rebel against Big Boss as Satan did against God.

just some thoughts... :D

darkshiz3784d ago

Funny and well written at the same time.

Angelitos3784d ago

All I know the PS3 is a saint, the 360 is the red ring of DEATH!

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