Motor Storm - Cliff Racing Gameplay

Defy death by racing at the edge of this canyon's cliff. They added groups of spectators also, nice touch.

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gnothe14448d ago

I just got back from the mall picking up my Wii an while I was ther I played the Ps3. I played Nba 07 an the much talked about motorstorm.while the graphics in motorstorm looks great, the game playes great, a good sence of speed, it really looks like its going pretty fast!!overall its a pretty good game, nothing that cant be done on xbox!! now for the guys that said it had awsome particle effects with mud slinging on the windshield an mud building up on the cars. NO!!!right now its just a bunch of dust that goes away pretty quickly, an throught the whole race the truck I was using stayed shiny or clean during the whole 10 lap race!! ok now I remember someone bashing it was either GOW or COD3 that the grass didnt move an the trees didnt react,well the same thing is going on here. I played with the dune buggy car,a black an red truck, an a woman on a green motorcycle an I ran over the grass an it didnt react either, the cars ran right through it like it wasnt even there. I even drove right on top of the weeds an stopped an the tires went right through it!!the rag dool physics were ok but if I wanted to get technical, when I was using the bike a crashed I slid across the ground like I was on a smooth surface, kinda like I was on glass,but that wasnt a problem for me!! the game overall was fun, it difinitly next gen graphics wise, is it a game that sets the 2 systems apart!! no not at all, but it should be a game that anyone who plays it should have fun!!

Wotbot4448d ago

I think the games looks good for gameplay and graphics.

But can some one tell me how many processors the Cell chip has? I thought it was taken down to 8, so you have 7 SPE and 1 SPU(I think). But now every were I read it appears to have only 7. Is this true?

DJ4448d ago

It's one G5 processor(PPE) and 7 SPEs. They can either work independently or collaborate in different groupings, which is kinda cool.

kmis874448d ago

One of the SPEs is dedicated to the OS, so the devs don't have to worry about the OS taking some of the other SPEs or the PPU at any time. This leaves 6 SPEs and the PPU for games.

DJ4448d ago

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any follow-up articles on what the final OS requirements are. Have you seen anything recent? I just remember a few devs saying that final OS requirements are smaller than what companies originally lay out, but I'm not sure by how much. With PS2 it was a 50% reduction in CPU/RAM requirements, but considering how much multi-tasking the PS3 has to do there's no easy way to predict.

It's probably still 6 SPEs and the PPE available for game functions, but they might've freed up the 7th SPE for game functions (only devs know). "Sony is not considering having the OS periodically demand a second SPE." The 5 SPE possibility was shot down pretty fast.
That's the article in case anyone wants to see it. The info's 7 months old, but still a good read.

Scrumptious4448d ago

this demo a few days before Gears of War came out and a few days after. For this game being the graphical showcase of the P$3, I don't see anything superior to 360. The textures were all blurry. The crash animations were good though. After playing Gears though, this game looks even less impressive.

Athlon4448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

Guess you guys haven't heard or own a PS3 yet. There's an updated motostrom demo available for download for free from the playstation store. It looks better than the kiosk version. Check for their write up about it. I played the koisk version the day before I picked up my ps3 at launch. The textures are improved in the demo along with the particle effects. Plus I doubt there would be mud splashing everywhere if the ground was dry; makes sense doesn't it? Plus it's not done yet. The latest video shows they added spectators.

Retard4447d ago

Neat... I'm looking foward to this title. :D

DJ4448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

Good normal-mapping, natural lighting, great physics, and terrain deformation. Having 20 racers at once is awesome, and it's good the see the PS3 can handle so many AI/Physics calculations. The spectators up on the cliffs adds some noticeable life to the game.

I think the only thing left to do is make the vegetation interactive, but considering how much they've accomplished on the more important aspects it doesn't matter too much. The game looks fun, and that's what's important. Hopefully they add that little detail in the next version though.

FirstknighT4448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

"The spectators up on the cliffs adds some noticeable life to the game."

Well if you look at the spectators closely, it looks like there are about 3 animations. Besides, when was the last time you seen that many people standing on a edge of a cliff??? Maybe they're all ps3 fanboys ready to jump realizing their beloved ps3 is inferior to the 360 ;)

FirstknighT4447d ago (Edited 4447d ago ) see the lil wink in the end? It was a joke...nobody here is mad. I own a 360 and the best games, why would I be mad? Relax buddy, it's just video games!

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