TeamXbox: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Preview

TeamXBox writes: "To hear the gang at San Francisco-based Shaba Games tell it, its history started after being spun out of Crystal Dynamics and creating Grind Session, a skateboarding title that came out around 2000. Well, to just say it came out in 2000 isn't telling the whole story, because it also ended up competing against Activision's skateboard game-the debut of a little thing called Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

Oddly enough, despite the uphill battle it launched into against what has turned out to be a killer franchise, Shaba is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision and has, in fact, done work on some Tony Hawk releases. What is also interesting is that Shaba is taking on the next installment of the incredibly big Spider-Man, subtitled Web of Shadows."

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