Groupthink and Zelda

Once upon a time, there was an extremely hyped video game called "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess." It was looked forward to by every Nintendo fanboy in existance. One day, two days before the game released, it was reviewed by a man named Jeff Gerstmann on Gamespot, who gave the game a score of 8.8 out of 10. Not content with the game getting a good score, fanboys across the internet erupted in anger at how 'low' of a score the game had gotten, despite never having played it.

Something dawned on me today: Opinions don't matter anymore.

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videl4449d ago

zelda is a very good game! i would say a 8.8 is not low, but a 9.6 for gow is high! thats the reason why ppl complain! ppl should not exaggerate the man has some points, a review is only a opinion! the game can be the best ever for some ppl, but for some other its a normal game. i think there are more ratings which were not so correct, for example genji, it get i think 8,8,7,6 and end result 6! but the mean is much higher than 6! i dont understand this rating but it cant be right, because when gow gets its 10,9,9,8 than it gets the endresult 9.5. can someone explain this ? the one is much lower than the mean, the orhter is higher than the mean. but its only a game, and i know genji is better than the review from gamespot is, take some japanese reviews and they are satisfying.

kmis874449d ago

When an 8.8 is a controversial score, you know you've got an awesome game. My wii preorder just shipped so I'm real excited for this game. Zelda for Game of the Year!

JasonXE4448d ago

jeez, i learned that about writing reviews a long time ago.

Odiah4448d ago

Yeah, but the guy has to do an impartial review. he can't just give it a lower score leading people into not buying it because it's not his type of game or something.

ChickeyCantor4448d ago

didnt it got an 9.5????

anyway......."Something dawned on me today: Opinions don't matter anymore."