Nintendo’s ‘Wii U to Wii U’ Transfer Feature Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Nintendo adds a system-to-system transfer option, but Wii U owners still can't backup save files or move data around conveniently.

XiSasukeUchiha3243d ago

That's suxs but hopefully it's gets patched!

wonderfulmonkeyman3242d ago

True, it's not perfected.
But it's a good start. Certainly better than not making any effort whatsoever.
Hope they have this feature fully fleshed out by the time Christmas comes around; they might snag a few people who want to trade up to a different bundle, if they do.
Speaking of different bundles....
Where's all the colors at?! Black and white are okay, but come ON, Nintendo!
Better yet, gimme a smash bundle featuring a Wii U with a picture of all the smash fighters emblazoned on one side, and a game pad with the smash ball logo in place of the home button, and then, provided you've made file transferring better, I'll get the new wii u bundle in a heartbeat...

jkuli63242d ago

Yup! Or a black Zelda Wii U with gold trim and matching gamepad a la the Zelda 3DS.

randomass1713242d ago

Better than nothing, but still not as efficient as Sony and Microsoft system transfers. Nintendo has a ways to go, but they are at least making progress.

BrandanT3242d ago

Yeah it's easier but, the annoying part is that only one profile could play the transfered games.

guitarded773242d ago

It was like that on XBOX too. Don't know if it still is though. Just sayin'.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3242d ago

Nintendo doesn't really need it. Their system is durable. Only those who turn off the power during updates back during launch period and drop or bricks their Wii U doing something that must be avoid is their fault.

Best way to recover is NNID and Club Nintendo active.

Kaze883242d ago

As if that would be the only way to brick a Wii U, theres always some units that just brick after some time.

In pc/ps3/x0 i always backup my save data etc but theres no way to do that on the Wii U. Lets say that my house burns tomorrow, i can get every game and saves back on my pc/ps3/x0 but nothing on my new Wii U = laughable.

Chrono3242d ago

Even last gen consoles weren't problematic like this.

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BrandanT3242d ago

I lost two 360s and my current one has a screwed up disc drive.

stragomccloud3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I had to get my 360 repaired 3 times. The fourth time it broke down, I just ended up buying a second one. So, I have no idea what you're talking about. Besides, problematic has no connection to generations and Wii U is not a problematic system. Besides, when's the last time you brought save data anywhere?

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