Madden NFL 15 Ratings: Top 5 Quarterbacks

GoodGameBro writes, "EA SPORTS continues their Madden NFL 15 ratings reveal by announcing the Top 5 Quarterbacks in the game this year. Here are the Top 5 Quarterbacks in Madden NFL 15 along with a new screenshot and their statistics from last season."

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Ya_bitch2569d ago

Sorry but Aaron Rodgers should be #1 after that Super Bowl performance from Manning

itBourne2569d ago

Did Rodgers even make it to the Super Bowl?

U seen what the Colts did the season manning got hurt, the Packers did reasonably well without Rodgers. Peyton is hands down the best qb.

Squeaky_door2569d ago

I believe the packers lost every game they played without Rodgers, or nearly all of them

wsoutlaw872568d ago

Starting painter at qb and throwing a season for luck has nothing to do with the skills of peyton.

Gamble202569d ago

So if Peyton had played well in the conference game and lost and thus never played in the super bowl he would be rightfully above Rodgers? He set the NFL record for points, passing touchdowns, and passing yards in a season. He clearly earned the number one position. That being said, Rodger is an incredible player and he will have his chance to be number one this season when he is fully healthy.

Number-Nine2569d ago

rodgers shouldn't even be #2

joab7772569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

Who could possibly have signed off on aaron rodgers being less accurate than Peyton manning. Manning had a great regular season and may be the best regular season qb ever...but its hard to deny that a rod is best right now. And look at his weapons. J. Nelson is #1 wr.

TheTwelve2569d ago

I 100% agree with that list. I thought Kaepernick was about to be on it and I would have had a problem.

Kevin263852569d ago

Most shocking to me is Wilson especially since he is tied with Brady.

I would drop Wilson out and replace him with Luck or Rivers.

GusBricker2569d ago

As a Colts fan, I don't think Luck is there just yet, but he's getting there.

He's like Big Ben only not an asshole.

Kevin263852569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

I just keep thinking of the Chiefs game. No way Wilson could have done that if he was in the same situation.

I wish we could see Wilson and Luck swap places. Andrew is working with a lackluster running game and an awful defense and still does damage through the air and on the ground.

Aces172569d ago

He'll be better than Ben.

NoobJobz2567d ago

@kevin. But didn't he against the Falcons in the playoffs a couple of years back?and that was as a rookie. They didn't end up winning in the end because the defense let them have that huge pass play. But he did bring them back from 4 TDs I believe.

I fully believe in him as a passer. He doesn't have to pass because he has a strong running game. I truly believe if marshawn went down and they had to abandon the run, he could put up some great numbers but we may never be able to find out.

Nolando2569d ago

I agree with including Rivers, he had a great year with only have a rookie WR and the rest back ups...

SpinalRemains1382569d ago

Something is so radically wrong with that.

Even a casual football fan knows how grossly incorrect that is.

Nolando2569d ago

he won da super bowlz so he automatically ELITEE~!

is the logic that is going around EA

wsoutlaw872568d ago

lol remember all the talk about eli being better than peyton after he won the sb. Its all just reactionary bs and tom will be a 98 by week 2. The rating system is just garbage. Tell me how every week someone just magiaclly gets 2 points better or worse then goes back the next week. They should be called top 5 best stats because thats all this guy looks at. He doesnt know football. He has clowney rated at what dion jordan was at last year.

radiantmind2569d ago

As a Seahawks fan I can understands why people don't get Dangeruss just yet. If you haven't watched all the games like I have it might seem like Wilson is relying on his running game and defense to win games. However that is not true. Watch game 2 of last year against Houston. His D fell apart and he single handedly willed his team to a win. Then Sherman came up the game winning pick 6. Or the year b4 when during the div playoffs against the Falcons he brought them within 30 some odd sec to win only to have the D lose it. I know that the seahawks have world class D. But Russel is a winner, period. Passing yards do not equal elite. Look at Stafford. Excellent yards per game but high td/int ratio. I know I will prob get lots of flak but I believe in Russ.

SolidDuck2569d ago

I don't think anyone would argue wilson is a top 10 qb. But top 5 over Brady?

wsoutlaw872568d ago

lol you have never seen a pats or packers game if you think beating houston or carrying a team with no d is impressive. Its fricken seattles d.

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