Extra Punctuation Is That Castlevania in Your Pocket?

Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw:

What's a game critic with a weekly series to do when triple-A goes into hibernation and won't even come out for a friendly knife fight? Wait for indie games like Shovel Knight to grab me out of nowhere? Force myself to play new games that aren't really my 'thing' and just leave me bored with nothing interesting to say, like Divinity: Original Sin? No, I don't think that helps. So at this point I usually think about retro reviews. And as I mentioned in this week's video, I've been re-playing a lot of Castlevania games, particularly the ones on Nintendo DS. Dark Souls beat me up until I fell in love with horror-themed exploration-based high-difficulty games, but I've always thought that Castlevania shares Sonic's problem in that it doesn't get along with full 3D. And from a certain point, the DS and GBA Castlevanias were the only ones that weren't biting on that particular poisoned apple.

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