Game Reviews? They get a 4/10

In the UK the videogame industry generates more revenue than either movies or music, and it's fast catching up with DVD sales. Not bad for a revolutionary new form of media that has been available commercially for less than forty years.

Gaming does offer exceptional value for money, typically providing over an hour of entertainment for each pound they cost. This may be one of the reasons that the gaming industry is booming even whilst consumers tighten their spending on other 'luxuries' in the wake of the worldwide financial crunch.

That said, with games retailing for up to £50 they hardly fall into the category of an impulse buy. Some casual gamers might pay out for a game based on the box art and the words on the back of the case, but most gamers are a bit more discerning with their purchases.

This is where game reviews come in. As well as (hopefully) providing a critical analysis of the game being reviewed, they should also help you determine whether that title you have your eye on is really worth parting with cold, hard cash for. Game Reviews are BIG business…

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deeznuts3783d ago

Funny they segregate the two. I'm assuming Theater Sales and DVD sales.

vertigun3783d ago

I would like to see magazines and sites giving more than one opinion on a game. second and third opinions. Maybe not when it comes out, but i imagine reviewers do not only play the games they have to review. when they play a game reviewed by others, just let them add the score they think the game deserves. You have gamers reviews, but they are often biased?.
I remember Killer 7 getting some bad reviews, but I think those reviewers didn't try hard enough and never finished the game.
Kudos to Suda, No more Heroes is the best game I think this year so far, GTA IV second.
Now playing Racedriver GRID, but I can't imagine comparing racegames with other games.

iilluminate3782d ago

As in Famitsu style?

I think that works when you have a big magazine and lots of people able to play the same games. For the smaller outlets that is harder.