Halo music creator wins legal settlement for unpaid wages from Bungie’s Chief Executive

Marty O’Donnell, the well-known music composer for the sci-fi shooter series Halo, has settled a lawsuit against Bungie chief executive Harold Ryan.

King County Superior Court judge Jeffrey Ramsdell in Seattle has approved a deal in which Ryan will pay O’Donnell more than $95,000 to settle legal claims related to a lawsuit that O’Donnell filed in May. The lawsuit offered a rare glimpse on what was happening inside Bungie, the original Halo developers who is now at work on the big online shooter Destiny.

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TheRedButterfly3238d ago

For once, I wholeheartedly agree with you. :D

DevilOgreFish3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

"Halo music creator wins legal settlement for unpaid wages from Bungie’s Chief Executive."

wow Bungie, i'm shocked. that's bad for your rep. Marty O’Donnell help put the company on the map with his efforts, and this is how you treat him?

If i was looking for a job in gaming i don't think bungie would be my first choice, kicking a team player is just plain bad for business.

theXtReMe13238d ago

Good. I hope other employees they screwed get a settlement, also. Marty is a great guy and a hell of a composer. He will land on his feet and end up in a better situation, making more money, soon. Somewhere where he can actually be creative and not be pressured into recreating the original Halo soundtrack over and over again.

Game on, Marty.

3-4-53238d ago

Not Cool Bungie.

Does EVERY company have 4-5 people that just are their to screw people over or what?

Seems like even the good companies try some shady stuff.

Not cool. Can't wait for destiny though.

VonSchtook3238d ago

I remember reading updates from Marty on the old Bungie weekly updates. I love Bungie, but I'm happy that one of their biggest stars isn't getting screwed over.

OpieWinston3238d ago

I'm hoping he gets hired by 343...I know they've got a new Composer but Marty would be a great way to keep the Halo music alive.

Surprisingly Halo 4 had solid music even without him, just was missing something.

cl19833238d ago

I'm hoping for the same thing.

CaptainKILL3238d ago

That's what I've been hoping with 343i, they need his iconic sound. But at the same time we only have one obscure side of the story, why was he fired after his work was finished with Destiny? Was this pressure from the publisher, or was this growing internally since Reach? Unfortunately with things like this we rarely hear what really happens and are left to speculation.

SG1_dapunisherX3238d ago

great news..... marty deserve it. epic music

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