SIXAXIS control video for PlayB3yond site

PS3 sixaxis control video updated at PlayB3yond site.

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power of Green 4443d ago

I heard from all the top game reviewers that motion senseing thing was a joke of a controller. [email protected]! i wounder how long people will put up with that tilt BS.

DJ4443d ago

The guys over at IGN, 1up, gamedaily, PSM, EGM etc, like the motion sensing...I dunno, maybe you're looking at some obscure source I've never heard of? =/

The Control video was pretty awesome, though I'm still wondering whether the last two videos will be released since the links disappeared.

kmis874443d ago

It depended on the game, but a lot of the reviews on IGN said it was gimmicky. However, IGN did say that the ps3 nba 2k7 was the best version available because of the sixaxis controls, and the Resistance sixasis controls got positive comments. It all depends on the ability of the developers to implement it in a good way.

Marriot VP4443d ago

bah, I don't need to watch this. I've seen how the Wii works.

power of Green 4443d ago

They said it sucked ass period!.

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