Media Molecule's Project [email protected]

According to Tidux, Media Molecule's project will indeed be revealed by Sony at Gamescom 2014.

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Imp0ssibl32260d ago

Me neither, I have the feeling this could be revolutionary!

pedrof932260d ago

Yet again, an "insider" stating the obvious.

ZodTheRipper2260d ago

^And people making articles out of it... of course it's a safe bet that we'll hear about it at Gamescom but what's Tiduy track record? Wasn't he wrong quite a times?

Palitera2260d ago

It was obvious before he stated it.

Not that he said it, probably won't happen anymore.

S2Killinit2260d ago

no offense but I don't understand why some people think this is not newsworthy, or that its obvious. So this is not worth reading about, as opposed to the click baits that are totally newsworthy?

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mrmack002260d ago

Prior to this article, everyone thought it was guaranteed to be announced at Gamescom. Now that Tidux has confirmed it, I no longer expect it to be announced at Gamescom :-)

user74029312260d ago

i wonder if its something other than lbp3, love the series i just want them to try a new ip?

Imp0ssibl32260d ago

It's absolutely something other than Littlebigplanet 3, which is being developed by Sumo Digital. Media Molecule has been working on a completely new IP.

core_52260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

LOL, since yesterday is this a No-Secret ... Insider?

Here is my super secret from anonymous sources: Sony will be also at gamescom!!!

I want my own n4g news for that.

micx2260d ago

You can't have them. :)

Kayant2260d ago

Exactly the tease itself basically is a hint they will be revealing their project and what so happening to be happening in about a month's time. A big gaming expo.

Iltapalanyymi2260d ago

i really hope its that new ip. cant wait! :3

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The story is too old to be commented.