PC and Console Game Revenue Predicted to Decline by More Than $5 Billion

According to a new study from Juniper Research, revenue from PC and console game markets is set to decline from $46.5 billion to $41 billion by 2019.

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vishmarx1549d ago

ughhh to think that people get paid for this stuff...
fact is theres no possible way to accurately predict how itll be in the future.
new gen consoles have had a good start and pc is doing what does,thats is all we know.
gaming industry depends on 1 very important thing ,games.And regardless of how many PhD's the researcher has its unlikely he'll know anything about games 5 yearss from now

spartanlemur1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

You can't predict 100%, but you can predict with, say, 60% accuracy.
Still, the gaming market is quite volatile, and I expect this predicted decline is partially due to a transition in console generations hitting full-swing, where people spend cash on a new PS4 or Xbox One rather than the games to play on them.

Thus, the trend would be for sales to pick up again in the following year.

The only reason a decline in PC game sales might be predicted is the growing tendency of people to buy tablets (mobile) over notebooks. This of course has almost no bearing on the core market for video games, which is probably still growing strong, but it will have an effect on games such as the PC versions Football Manager (also visually lackluster F2P games), which people often buy on notebooks to play casually.

Summary: I wouldn't attack the report, but I expect its analysis would make sense if we were able to read it (not that you can unless you have $2997.00 lying around).

lokirevamped1549d ago

I would say more like 50%, a prediction is a guess, a guess only has a 50% chance of being true or false.

yosimba20001549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

@loki, that's incorrect.

if you have a normal coin, but if the Heads side for some reason is heavier, then you increase your chances of Tails being displayed and decrease your chances of Heads appearing. you still have two options, but never does that imply both options have an equal chance of occurring.

likewise, with research predictions, it's most probable that those results have a higher chance of occurring than it not happening, so it's not a solid 50/50.

THamm1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

They need to lower prices to sell more. I mean besides hard core how many people nowadays buy more than 5 games a year, if that. AAA titles may stay the same but a lot of titles would have sold way more with a little marketing and better price points. People cannot afford the 60 price hence why games drop in price so fast upon release. But knowing companies like EA they would release 25 percent of the game for a fraction and make you pay for the other 75 percent

1549d ago
3-4-51549d ago

* People "Predict" this to Influence shareholders and get money moving.

This has nothing to do with me or you or the gamers.

Dynasty20211549d ago

And yet like last month it was recently reported that PC gaming hardware sales far outweigh console sales, and are on the rise more than ever.

Funantic11549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I read that too. Right now consoles need to focus on fresh new AAA IPs. I think I might join in on PC gaming eventually.

uth111549d ago

One report claimed that, everything else says PC sales are declining

Down 6% in 2014, 5% in 2015

Some think the 6% projection is too optimistic:

Down 10% in 2013


that's because I only need to but my Xbox one once. I upgrade something on my pc every few months. Just added another r9 280x last night. PC upgrading is a addiction.

AngelicIceDiamond1549d ago

If that's then case ppl need to get on the ball and start buying the games this coming game season.

Eejanaika1549d ago

That wont happen though if the economy is struggling.

unfortunately games are the first to go since you don't need them to live like food and shelter

Mr Tretton1549d ago

The economy has been struggling for years. And games just keep selling fine.

Kavorklestein1549d ago

Mr. Tretton is correct.
I gave you a bubble. Games sell just fine. In fact, I see more people becoming converted from not really playing many games, to having very decent collections that get more abundant each year. I think people are actually getting into gaming globally bigger than ever before. And much of it is thanks to F2P titles ensnaring some loose change, and mobile platforms. And when people yearn for more, they have advanced consoles and PC gaming to delve into.
The gaming market is growing if anything.
Has this researcher never heard of Kickstarter?
Early access?
I mean, seriously. People not only buying more games than ever,(Subjective to populations and peak years of past generations-now) but they are actually PAYING people to MAKE games.... Tell me that's not a sign that gaming has gone beyond make-buy-sell and has now gone into a realm of general acceptance of gaming, and spread into the realm of donations of funds just to support new ideas BEFORE they actually become an finished product.
Maybe this year is going to have less money spent than 2010-2012 as far as gaming, but the industry will still thrive and be profitable and continue to accelerate as new games that push the limits continue to come out.

This PHD mother fucker? Went to school for nothing. What an idiot.

ShaunCameron1549d ago

The 7th generation sold the most hardware and software and generated the most revenue ever in the industry's entire history. Right in the face of the recession.

Godmars2901549d ago

Games are a hobby. A luxury item.

People don't "need" to get on the ball about, much less buy, games. Devs and publishers need to make better, more diverse product. Stop escalating production costs with excessive graphical demands while allowing some fun art and creativity to return to the actual "art" of game making.

AngelicIceDiamond1549d ago

I agree.

Look at COD. COD was the trojan horse and a masot of what gaming is. A none gamer would immediately mention COD as soon as you bring up "games"

But now COD is on the decline due to milking and never changing people want something new and its proof that bandwagon quick fix crowd of gamers are surprisingly looking else where. Or starting to anyway.

People stick to COD because its fun. Now those former COD fans are looking else where as well.

So there's hope for our industry.

But I don't think publishers will stop escalating in graphical demands considering that's part of a main bench mark of Video Gaming Entertainment. How real a game looks, how immersive it is, and how you and your friends inhabit in the hyper realistic world. (cough The Division)

Though indies are doing the AAA's job lately and that's creating fun, creative and even artsy type of games. Indies are taking it back to the basics of what making games are about.

Fun, creative, daring and artsy. And I think our industry and consumers really need to pay attention.

Mr Tretton1549d ago

So many of these studies think mobile devices are taking over consoles/PCs, I just can't see that happening. Who would give up big screen gaming for mobile gaming?

Unless the mobile device becomes the medium from which you use as a controller that communicates and streams with a new generation of TVs. And I think that is a good time away before that works/is powerful enough to destroy consoles. Even then, that's just those businesses shifting. It's irrelevant to bring it down to a word game of 'console' vs. 'mobile.'

Point is, gaming on a big screen will simply not go away. Doesn't matter how you are getting there. The console companies will adapt to it. You are still likely going to need a 'box' in between the TV and your mobile device. The PSvita/PS4, and WiiU with the screen controller are like primitive early concepts of this. You're still going to have that box in between though. I doubt TVs will become the console itself. That wouldn't work for a number of reasons.

fonger081549d ago

I can't really stand mobile playing unless in the bathroom or bored at work. That being said I think a lot of these analysis are still trying to figure out where the "gaming" market's population lies. Last generation with the Wii, 360, and PS3 possibly over inflating the market, especially with the influx of causals who spent a lot of money on consoles (Wii). I think that's made this generation harder to predict in terms of sales with most of the causals gone to the tablets and phone market. Personally I overall numbers closer to the PS2, gamecube, Xbox generation, with maybe a 5-10% growth from that.

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