Xbox One's Inevitable Shift - Is Now All About "Gaming First"

Many gamers have been somewhat critical of what Microsoft has done with their gaming division. When Microsoft announced the Xbox One back in May 21, 2013, and led with the 'entertainment' aspect first, this left many confused and disappointed. The biggest Xbox 360 gamers were hit with a big surprise when the Xbox One’s initial selling features focused on everything that's multimedia except for what's most important at the heart of it all - the games themselves. Sure, E3 2013 did see a shift in the right direction, but ultimately it seemed too little, too late.

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AngelicIceDiamond1733d ago

What MS is doing is going back to what made the first five years of the 360 great.

The original plan for 360. Exclusive game content and new Ip's. Now that's what the X1 will continue to be about.

They're going back to the original blue print and nobody can find any wrong in that.

pompombrum1732d ago

The potential wrong is if they follow the original blue print.. I mean the first five years were great but their shift in focus to Kinect left an extremely bitter taste in my mouth. I'm crossing my fingers that Microsoft don't plan on going that route again with the Xbox One and sadly, I'm not fully convinced (based purely on history) that they are 100% committed to the games/gamers.

Regardless, even if Microsoft do follow the same pattern as the 360, the next few years will be great for current and prospective Xbox One owners.

lifeisgamesok1732d ago

@AngelicIceDiamond it really does seem like they're going back to their roots and the potential is massive

I bet Microsoft has even more triple A exclusives lined up

dcbronco1732d ago

This debate about whether or not Microsoft is committed to gaming goes beyond silly. It's plain stupid. When they set aside one billion dollars as an initial investment strictly for games they ended any legitimate speculation. The only debate left on the matter could only occur in the dysfunctional mind of a fanboy.

NerdStalker1733d ago

It's just a shame there's a lack of games out the now and coming out in 2014. The exclusives ms have this year are average at best in my opinion, nothing to get excited about.

Hellsvacancy1732d ago

Exactly, now i'm NOT saying Sonys is an better, i'm not bothered about any of them this year, Bloodborne is the one i'm waiting for, and it's not even on the One, best exclusives "yeaaaaaaa right"

Goku7811732d ago

The system was incomplete on launch, then they took away one of the biggest parts they tried to fix. Only so much fixing they can do. Its their reputation is broken now.

ScorpiusX1732d ago

I welcome this new direction and hope it leads them to where they aim to go . As consumer am e static

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