Whadya know Zune did kill iPod - not!

Microsoft's "iPod killer" Zune set out with a quixotic mission. But instead of windmills, it tried to slay Apple's now iconic iPod. Analysts were never on Zune's side and looks like they got it right. Unlike other current consumer electronics superstars like the DS or the PS3, Zune's arrival was about as exciting as a bowl of oatmeal.

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power of Green 4445d ago


FordGTGuy4445d ago

makes no sense at all and there reasons for failure also make no sense. Over at the IGN PS3 boards in a poll over 191 said the PS3 launch was a failure while only 19 said it wasn't.

videl4445d ago

lol, you said it a poll, where xbot used the butten to much.

power of Green 4445d ago

You should see the poll on "what console are going to get now that both the PS3 and the 360 are out".

shotty4445d ago (Edited 4445d ago )

Have alittle faith, rome wasn't built in a day. Zune won't take off until the Live anywhere has a firm base. What did you expect everyone to throw away their ipods and buy a zune.Just wait and see. People said the same about the original xbox right when it launch. Now look it's succesor is going for the top spot.

Microsoft is never the first, yet in the end they succeed

Apple had a huge install base in the 80's and then windows came along and took over. Same with netscape, and internet explorer took over.
They beat AOL as well. Hey look at the xbox 1, when it launched sony appeared unstoppable, now look where they are.

I'm not saying it's a good or bad thing, but with microsoft you can't just look at the first few yards. As they say its a marathon not a sprint.

eques judicii4445d ago

i agree except that i think netscape and AOL beat themselves... netscape was great until version 6 which sucked hard balls... and AOL has been and always will be crap.

TheXgamerLive4445d ago

One "daritefeacherz" is a sony wannabe fan boy. I know that there's a slim chance he's not but I'm going to guess I'm dead on with this one.

lets see if I can find some crap and post it, what a joke. Yes as just previously posted, give it time, It's an awesome product w/a potential better than any ipod out, especially when the Xbox 360 and live connections begin to poor in.

But, I expected no less from a sony wannebe fan boy.

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