'Halo: Nightfall’: First Look At Live-Action Agent Locke

INQ: An accidental posting by Variety on Monday gave us out first look at Agent Locke in the upcoming Halo: Nightfall video series from Microsoft and 343 Industries. The live-action series is tied to this year’s Halo: Master Chief Collection and next year’s Halo 5: Guardians for the Xbox One and stars Mike Colter in the role as the new Spartan that has everyone curious.

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OpieWinston1553d ago

Mike Colters voice is a bit more defined than Lesters.

And he's more of a "Military Man" as you can see by him being manipulated into believing what ever the UNSC tells him.

Besides Lester is huge and Mike Colter is a pretty good size for Agent Locke...Since he's a lot shorter than Chief.

Septic1553d ago

Why? Because he's black? He doesn't look like him at all.

Lawboy21553d ago

I cant wait for this series

gjruk1553d ago

My guess, Sargent Johnson's son. 343 said they wanted to expand and focus in the characters of Halo and I feel the fact Johnson worked side by side with Chief and Arbiter could work well, dialogue wise via the story and hopefully, Locke is a supporting character for the Chief rather than a protagonist.

LAWSON721553d ago

You mean antagonist? Chief is the protagonist of Halo and judging from the trailer this guy is after home.

BloodWolf1551d ago

Actually, no.
As said in the book halo: the fall of reach, johnson didn't have any other family then his aunt.

So you can aready rula out that idea... Would've been cool though.

GusBricker1553d ago

If it's anything like Forward Unto Dawn, we're all in for a treat.

This is the kind of TV I thought MS would be making and I hope they continue it even with the closure of their TV studio.