WWE 2K15 Roster to Be Revealed Next Month

WWE fans wondering when 2K and Yukes will finally reveal some gameplay for the next wrestling, wonder no more. According to a tweet by the official twitter page, the game’s roster will finally be shown during Summerslam weekend in August.

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Aldous_Snow1552d ago

Same shit different year.

Why 2K kept Yukes on as devs is beyond me. They have been doing the same shit since the PS1 days & not that much has changed.

Old, stale & unimaginative - Just like a Dualshockers article.

TheJacksonRGN1552d ago

Lol is Dualshockers that bad?

snarls2001551d ago

from what i uderstand yukes has a contract with the wwe

DaleCooper1551d ago

Yep, I read Yukes was still developing. All hope I had for this game is gone. Guess I'll wait til the contract runs out.

player0021552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

yes it is.Dualshockers hmmmmmm nuff said ponie haven lmao...I got a Ps4 too but SDF is the worst man they have sites on lock down spreading the fud Dualshockers is one of them.The worst for SDF rapid fanboyism is well here but that's none of my business#kermitvoice

TheJacksonRGN1552d ago

So what does Dualshockers have to do with my article? I'm confused.

player0021551d ago

lol 1st comment I guess.I'm really excited for the game tho from what i heard on next gen it looks real to life it's a completely new engine

monkey481551d ago

They need gameplay. If this is going to be next gen we need to see some better graphics.

NegativeCreep4271551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

*looks at top article screenshot*

Wow! I didnt know Marky Mark was making it into the game. Who's next? Ice Cube?

TheJacksonRGN1551d ago

LMAO, I remember people saying Cena looked like Matt Damon on Steroids.