Xbox One Has the Best Games, According to New Ad

GR: With exclusive titles like Sunset Overdrive from Insomniac Games and Halo: The Master Chief Collection from 343 Industries launching later this year, Microsoft believes that Xbox One is the console with the best games.

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JBSleek1548d ago

According to this ad...Yes considering it's a MS ad I wonder why. This isn't news...

aceitman1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

So y advertise multi platform games when they live on another system, also. Its typical for ms, and thats y I dont like them poor advertising.

JBSleek1548d ago

Like Sony advertising Destiny? It's all business. AC Unity has exclusive content on Xbox One thus why it got ad space.

thenickel1548d ago

So sad I know so sad. Let me grab you some tissue!

Docknoss1548d ago

Sony has done the samething, so I guess you better start hating and trolling Sony articles too. Get outta here and stay out

uptownsoul1548d ago

To all those people that said "Sony's trying to push WatchDogs/Destiny as exclusive", do they now have any comments about how Microsoft is claiming CoD:AW and AC:Unity "live on Xbox One"?

sonarus1548d ago

Funny cus I will be playing a lot of their best games on my ps4.

GiggMan1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

@Sonarus, You'll probably, if history is to repeat itself, be playing the better versions also.

4Sh0w1548d ago

Well, well, well, so micro thinks they have the best games. I think so too; Nice ad.

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Magicite1548d ago

Of course X1 has the best games, thats why both PS4/WiiU beat it in both software and hardware sales.

98xpresent1548d ago

You know that's funny because the x1 just outsold with the wii u with no games this mouth . Price is not an excuse wii u still cheaper

reaperofsouls1548d ago

@ 98present

Not according to vgchartz it didn't. Oh! wait a minute you are refering to npd figures but thats north America only isn't it. New flash USA doesn't equal the world.

ATi_Elite1548d ago

XB1 has the best games? I could of sworn I was playing DayZ Arma 3 Elite:Dangerous Project Cars Dota2 Total War Company of Heroes Firefall GuildWars 2 Eve Valkyrie all on my PC

JBSleek1548d ago

Wow... I go to article touting PC as well. Damn.. I must be really annoying.

Gamer6661548d ago

That's the longest and most complex game name I have ever seen...

Next time use commas!

Clunkyd1548d ago


Where are these "best games" at?

Christopher1548d ago

I just like how the commercial says that Far Cry 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Evolve, and so many other games are not contenders for Game of the Year.

I mean, they specifically show the best games of the year in the ad. That must mean, any other game is not a contender.

Interesting marketing decision.

Charybdis1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

I like the I believe rocky lines they used in the 32 second commercial. They should also do a 32 second commercial for the other game of the year contenders focusing on the other genres besides shooting such as racing games, phantasy rpg etc.

GiggMan1548d ago

When was the last time Xbox had an exclusive, widely considered Game of the Year? Serious question.

I'm thinking as far back as Halo CE. Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, I'll gladly admit it.

horndog1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

@ jbsleek

That's right it's only news when it's a bs article like "why you should trade in your xone for a ps4" or "why the ps4 is still a better buy than an x1". That's what this site calls news. Bunch of insecure fanboys

mcarsehat1548d ago

These article titles always sound like someone is snitching to a teacher "miss miss, Microsoft said they were the beeeeest, tell him off miss!!!"

Potnoodle9991548d ago

lol not this guy again, boner alert

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Aldous_Snow1548d ago ShowReplies(2)
XiSasukeUchiha1548d ago

Oh boy why does my Sharingan sense a flamewar coming between both sides PS vs Xbox just like Edo Hashirama said "(Facepalm) Every generation their always war".

But AD is alright but MS be very careful of an opinionated and subjective word.

XiNarutoUzumaki1548d ago

Xbox Doesn't have the best games.

skydragoonity1548d ago

I am now convinced u and sasuke are the same person

Hellsvacancy1548d ago


Yes, very well observed Watson, very suspect indeed

Maybe he's got what Jim Carry had in Me Myself Irene, I could accept that

mcarsehat1548d ago

Anime is for creepy little men that watch cartoon porn.

Hellsvacancy1548d ago

And whats wrong with that? he is himself, one of them is anyway

thejigisup1548d ago

Fool, your sharingan doesn't sense anything. It increases your perception and gives you access to the uchiha bloodline abilities. Troll more accurately please.

user74029311548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Most people agree playstation 4 has the better games.

ps4 8 million

xbox one 4 million

JBSleek1548d ago

Sales don't equal best games. If that was the case I think Wii U would be winning right now.

Eonjay1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Sales equal opinion. More people have chosen and continue to chose the PS4. Your opinion doesn't override theirs. Who is anyone really to say that the other is best. If people overwhelmingly believed that Xbox One had better games, it would sell more consoles.

Infamous2981548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

But According to some xbox fanboys last gen, sales does matter...

Edit: Look at the disagrees, looks like some didnt like what i typed :).

Bzone241548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )


So I guess that the Wii had better games than the PS3 and Xbox 360?

SilentNegotiator1548d ago


To the soccer moms and nursing homes that bought them? Yes.

BG115791548d ago

Does any of this matters?
To me the real news is that MS is being arrogant again. It didn't take much for that to happen. I thought that with the new heads they had changed. Was it all an illusion? Is Don Mattrick back?

KevinRHG1548d ago

Sony has stated that the PS4 is after the Wii market so what does that mean?

Now of course sales matter but then lets be consistent. That means that Halo 4 is better than the Last of Us which would mean that Halo MCC is one of the best values in gaming history.

Of course people are too busy being petty over an ad to accept what we all already know. Marketing ads will always say they are the best. Its our job as consumers to make up our own minds.

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bennissimo1548d ago Show
IVanSpinal1548d ago

VGames: Wii
Music: Bieber
(You know what i mean)

Bigpappy1548d ago

Ps4 sells on power perception not great games. The best games on PS4 are also on X1.

pyramidshead1548d ago

That play worse than they do on Xbone. PS4 sells on being a competent gaming machine unlike the half baked 'bone that has been struggling since launch.

Jag-T10001548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

It has probably sold more because dumb people probably think its a bluray player like they did with the PS3.

Gamer6661548d ago

The Ford Fiesta was the #1 selling car in 2013. I guess that means the Ford Fiesta is better than the Lamborghini's Aventador?

Your logic stinks.

Console sales do not equal better games.

Better games is highly subjective. Better games is based on who you talk to and what their tastes are in games. MS simply used E3 award results to make their marketing statement. There is nothing wrong with that... People can decide for themselves whether they want to believe it.

CaptainObvious8781548d ago

But I wonder how many people would choose the fiesta over the aventador if they were the same price?

Though I still agree that console sales don't automatically equal better games.

Just look at the wii last gen.

Gamer6661548d ago

The Wii is a perfect example on "best games".

The Wii's sales success was more about demographics than about the best software. WiiSports which was one of the ugliest games last gen was fun, but not really for most typical gamers. The social aspects of playing the game drove sales.

The Wii sold about 15 million more consoles last gen than 360 and ps3, but did not have near the attach rates for game purchases that 360 and ps3 had. Could it be that the Wii did not have that great of selection for games? Sure there were the great Nintendo exclusives but the third party games outside of Ubisoft were mostly a shovelware by a large margin.

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christocolus1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Yeah.. I must say i really enjoyed the ad,it was pretty cool.

Kavorklestein1548d ago

I like the hints at the sales difference this year, and how it basically says: "It's not about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can GET hit, and keep moving."

I like that.

PS3 Owners know all about being underdog and still coming out successful and worthwhile despite being less popular.
So do Wii U owners, and PS Vita owners(when compared to 3DS)
SO yeah, well said Microsoft, and let's all just have fun playing some great games this year!

optimus1545d ago

That whole speech was stallone talking to his son in Rocky Balboa. Microsoft must have paid a pretty penny for it but i think it's worth it cause the ad got the message across and it's one of the best ads i've seen in the last few yrs.