The Walking Dead: Season 1 and why it's 1 of the most important games ever made.

An in depth article on The Walking Dead: Season 1 and why it's one of the most important games ever made.

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itsactuallyadam3233d ago

Highly contentious subject but I see your point. It feels like The Walking Dead 1 achieved what the likes of Mass Effect and Fable could not.

Blachek3232d ago

Only at the expense of gameplay. As somebody who loves the television series I definitely have an appreciation for the story telling... but the satisfaction could be gleamed just as easily watching gameplay on youtube.

BitbyDeath3233d ago

Meh, Heavy Rain did it far better IMO.
Walking Dead had too many unlikable characters and your choices never really had much impact on the game itself.

I tried to hang a number of characters out to dry but the story forced them to live even though they should not have.

Some I wanted to live and they died no matter what I did.
Your choices didn't mean much and could have been implemented far better.

crofterz3232d ago

Not sure I agree. I don't think the game (Walking Dead) isn't meant to be played in such a manner. You're meant to emphasise with the character really than hate or love them. It's a lot less 'cut and dry' than that.

Clown_Syndr0me3232d ago

I see your point but for me The Walking Dead game is telling a story as is the show and the comics.
To tell a real story it cannot be changed drastically by player choices.
I wouldn't mind if it was like that though, I just accept that it isn't.

Imalwaysright3232d ago

Heavy Rain had more holes in its story than my 20 year old socks. Maybe it's because I didn't see all the endings but I still don't know why Ethan had origami figures on his hand when he woke on the middle of nowhere.

"Your choices didn't mean much and could have been implemented far better."

To my knowledge the only devs that managed to achieve that are CD RED. In the Witcher 2 your choices had a real impact on the universe of the game. That is why I highly recommend playing the 1st 2 games before playing the 3rd.

Volkama3232d ago


I really liked Heavy Rain, but I thought The Walking Dead had the more meaningful and emotional delivery.

I played walking dead immediately prior to The Last of Us. Playing through TWD really took the edge off of the opening scenes of TLOU. After resigning yourself to death and trying to give Clementine the best chance of survival, and seeing so many harrowing scenes through TWD... I was a bit numb to the whole "daughter dying in your arms" thing!

But those are my first and second placed games for emotional impact. Heavy Rain was a bit further down the list.

NukaCola3232d ago

I really enjoyed TWD. Im glad I played it before I watched the show, because they scenarios and twists are all there in both, but the game just mixes them up in a different order so it feeld fresh. Then going into the show, made it all more exciting.

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Jyndal3232d ago

TWD is one of the few series I still look forward to playing the next iteration. It redefined the "adventure" genre.