Theorycrafting: The hidden clues in Media Molecule’s "glitched" PS4 video

GameZone's Matt Liebl: "So today, Media Molecule released a video of their new PS4 project. Sort of. Actually, it was a rendering error of their game which caused a “trippy sequence of colourful nonsense that begged to be shared.” Here’s the thing though, I have a theory, and I may be crazy but I think there’s more to this video than it being a random video of a rendering error that they decided to share. In fact, I don’t think it’s much of an error at all. If it is, there are definitely some clues in it that we can dissect. Get ready for some theorycrafting because I’m about to breakdown the video in an attempt to figure out the big mystery, and that is: what kind of game is Media Molecule working on?"

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Budobear1736d ago

Its a shame I can't watch the vid at work but from what I read it sounds interesting and a PS move game on the PS4 wouldn't be a bad idea.

Clown_Syndr0me1736d ago

Rendering error? Yeah right.
It all fits the music perfectly in rhythm, to me this is a teaser trailer. It doesn't look glitchy at all, it looks artistic. The sequence of images was certainly planned.
Id put my money on a Music game, the article was spot on IMO.

Dasteru1736d ago

Definately not a rendering glitch. Very clear pattern in it. Video was entirely as intended.

MasterCornholio1736d ago

Reminds me of the clay puppets at the PS4 reveal.

r211736d ago

Game is obviously tied to that tech demo so one's thing for sure, they're gonna reveal whatever they've been building :)

sprinterboy1736d ago

I think it will be like project spark, but a million times better with clay and paint tools plus music editor plus you can share your creations like a evil medieval castle or a modelled car etc