UK Charts: Mario Kart 8 Moves Up to Third Place

The latest UK sales charts have been released and Mario Kart 8 has once again placed in the top five, moving up to third place this week. Mario Kart 8, which launched nearly two months ago, has consistently done well in the UK each week, once again displaying the long tail that many Nintendo games have. Tomodachi Life also performed well in the UK, taking the fifth spot. Interestingly enough, Pokemon Black and White are back in the charts, taking the 14th and 19th spots respectively.

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Axios21551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Interesting list:

MineCraft on 360 at #1, been doing great for a very long time.

TitanFall on X1 at #6, also doing great for a long time.


Sniper Elite

almost everything on the next gen consoles is on 360, so there's plenty going on. The issue with the fanboys is that their top exclusives are absent from the charts and have been for months.

Try checking the independently audited reports of the top publishers, then ask yourself how 360 consistently outsold PS3 if the 360 didn't have a larger functioning install base. Allow me:

Activision, revenue by platform in millions,


Page 54

Electronic Arts (EA), revenue by platform in millions 2012/13

Page 16

Ubisoft Sales by Platform in %

Page 8

RosweeSon1551d ago

There's not a lot else going on on xbox 360 and as for xbox one titanfall is about the only game worth buying the console for so far, hence why I've been finishing off the orange box doom 3 arkham city burnout paradise and red dead redemption having a great time, get these done tho and it's bye bye xbox 360 ;( great whilst it lasted.

RosweeSon1551d ago

A Wii U game in 3rd well I never, some would argue this is the place Microsoft are gonna finish overall in the console war I'd be one of them ;) mainly due to the fact they will NEVER match the sales of xbox 360, EVER, too many faulty consoles and duplicate sales pushed those xbox 360 sales up good thing is xbox one seems to have learned from this mistake as seems a lot more reliable but if that's the case that's a whole lot of millions of replaced consoles that won't be getting replaced this time around as their console is more reliable but I know I bought at least 3 brand bew xbox 360's they will never Ever match the sales of their xbox 360 and that is a big problem.

mcstorm1551d ago

Good to see Mario Kart still selling in the UK I have said for a long time the WiiU is over looked by us brits and good to see people noticing the console now. What I do find strange though is CALL OF DUTY: GHOSTS is in the charts for the PS3 but no the 360 dose that mean that Titanfall is the game keeping it out the top 20 if so good going for the game.

Neonridr1551d ago

I am surprised that MK8 is still that high in the UK. Good job Nintendo. Glad to see something positive come out of the UK for them.

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