Sony Santa Monica Shares Pictures of its New Studio and of Developers of its Unannounced PS4 Game

The good folks at Sony Santa Monica have been keeping their upcoming PS4 game under tight wraps, but on the other hands they aren’t that secretive about their new studio at The Reserve business compound in Playa Vista, which saw its grand opening today.

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user74029311735d ago

the two headed creature is making me believe its another god of war! : D

Rob_Ko1735d ago

I hope it is, I love God of War

cannon88001735d ago

It has three heads, even more awesome!


And people still doubt wether it is GOW4 or not ! -_-

Destrania1735d ago

Obviously they're going to have a lot of God of War stuff at their studio considering they created it. Nothing in those pics points to a new God of War to me, but we'll know soon enough.

pyramidshead1735d ago

If uncharted looks like it does....and how Kratos looked on PS3...and this is the PS3 we're talking about here.....then GOW4 is going to look spectacular.

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kingtroy1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Map layout totally hints some kind of God of war reference in the new game ?

Abriael1735d ago

Well i wouldn't take it as a 100% since their history is basiclaly bound to god of war, so it's normal that they'd do a scavenger hunt on god of war to inaugurate the new office, but my money is on god of war. It'd be silly not to have them work on one to push PS4.

XiSasukeUchiha1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Damn the new studio looks nice:)
Santa Monica really knows how to design a three-headed dog.

Abriael1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Dog. And it's Three heads.

Edit: Nice ninja edit :D

LightDiego1735d ago

Scavenger hunt? I want to work there.

Bonkerz1735d ago

Ugh, i really hope its not another God of War.

murafalls1735d ago

Why? Dont buy it if you dont want it.

the_hitman30001735d ago

He probably thinks after Ascension that there isn't much left to to there. I'm excited to see what they do though no matter what.

Eyeco1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

They need to change the combat for starters give it as much depth as a game like DMC or Ninja Gaiden theres only so much you can do with swinging a chain about.

Also I'm all for them changing the mythology completely maybe something unseen like Ancient Egypt with a new character to fill the GOW shoes,
Kratos is really played out imho.

I like what Jaffe wanted to do with series, basically turn it into Zelda but with a more in depth combat mechanic, GOW 1 was pretty much a great big Zelda dungeon , while I do love the series it's spent way too much time in it's comfort zone each iteration is more of an evolutionary step rather than a revolutionary one.

Tontus1735d ago

@Eyeco Good thing you're nothing to do with the creative choices at the studio haha, you'd completely ruin the series, don't know what you're talking about do ya.

Dark111735d ago

Well their new IP got cancelled so..

ZodTheRipper1734d ago

Which I'm actually happy about if it really was "like" Destiny. They couldn't pull of something better as Bungie since they don't have decade-long shooter experience and Activisions ressources so it was probably (!) wise to cancel that project and focus on God Of War for now.

cannon88001735d ago


Ugh, i really hope you are not serious. :P

Killzoner991734d ago

Stop trolling , everyone wants a new GOW game ASAP. Kratos rules.

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