Protek Xbox One Media Remote Review - TXH

Neil writes "Weighing a measly 85g, and coming in at approximately half the size of a usual TV remote, the Protek Media Remote for Xbox One is happy to sit there calmly minding its own business until you need it at a seconds notice"

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TheUltimateGamer1644d ago

Good to know. I could definitely use this thing.

Pogue19061644d ago

I've been thinking about getting one of those remotes lately. Less wear and tear on the controller. I like the guide on the X1 with my favorite channels and apps option over the guide that my ATT Uverse receiver has, but i hate using the controller to navigate it. I only use voice to turn it on and off, or show off in front of guest. Love to see people mouths drop to the floor when i start zipping around by voice, but it makes me feel stupid when i using it at any other time. "F" it, i get me a remote on the way home today.

1644d ago
neil3631644d ago

This one needs to be a bit more responsive. If it was, I'd be all over it as it's much easier than firing up smartglass.

Personal preference would still be voice control every single time but whilst it works brilliantly in a silent room, any other people speaking just mucks it around.