Owner's PS3 suffers Red Light Of Death

A PS3 owner reports: "PS3 shuts off while playing Tony Hawk P8 after 3 hours of play. Trys to start but hasnt started up since. Just get flashing red light."

Check our the video below

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TheMART4446d ago

We will be seeing this a lot the coming months

With the cell on a yield of 10 to 20% I didn't expect anything else

DJ4446d ago

their yield rates are equal to that of Intel and AMD's dual-core chips. You'd think they could've done better with a 9-core design.

CLX4446d ago

I would be kind of angry if I paid 600$ for a red flashing light! even if it came with a whopping 3 hrs. of [email protected] launch game play!!!

CLX4446d ago (Edited 4446d ago )

oops Dbl. post

marionz4445d ago

the red light just means your sausages and burgers are ready

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TheXgamerLive4446d ago

moderate lag on line and bottlenecking on every single player campaign. I haven't seen a review of a smoothly played game yet.

Boink4446d ago

this would never happen with a 360!!!!

oh, wait a minute...nevermind:D

eques judicii4446d ago

expected this to some degree... every console launch has issues because no matter how much quality control a company does there are going to be conditions that they haven't tested.

The only launch that might not have these problems is the "wii" because the technology is pretty much proven. unless sunlight fries the sensor bar, which I highly doubt it will...

Once sony has tweaked the manufacturing lines (just like with the 360) all these problems will begin to go away.

UrbanJabroni4446d ago

I for one feel passionately that Sony should not be tweaking the 360 manufacturing lines.

Oh, wait. ;)

Thugbot1874446d ago

They couldn't get the problem with the DVD drives for PS2 to go away, then I do recall a battery problem. Problems with production. Well the good news is there is no problems playing movies.

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The story is too old to be commented.