I can’t believe the $150 Destiny Ghost Edition sold out

From the article, "Having been a gamer for most of my life and a video game journalist for the last seven years, [Jenni Lada's] seen a lot of collector’s editions come and go. Most really major games tend to get one, and more often than not, you see the leftover, ridiculously-priced, uber editions cluttered around counters at your store of choice. Yet shockingly, that won’t be happening with Destiny, because the $149.99 Destiny Ghost Edition has sold out. Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and Walmart have all tapped out. And I’m in shock, because this just doesn’t happen with the over-$100 versions of games."

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admiralvic1551d ago

Ignoring how much of this article is based off the author not getting the appeal and assuming that CEs only interest "super fans" and "rich kids," I still fail to see the point.

Right now Destiny's Ghost edition has assumed low supply and high demand, so it's a "wise" investment and instant collectors value. This naturally creates more artificial demand, since collectors are buying it because of its rarity and flippers are buying it for its value (sells for 200+ on eBay). What will be interesting is seeing if this edition remains rare, which history suggests won't happen.

If you were to look at the two companies in question (Activision and Bungie), then you would see they have a long history of overproduced collectors editions. To this day I can still buy the Halo Reach collectors edition and I've still seen a few of the figure editions in the wild (I even have an FYE that still has the Halo 3 cat helmet edition!). On the other end we have Activision, who has done this for the last 4 or so Call of Duty games. Others have also suggested that previous Halo CEs sold out and then ended up being rather easy to find. Sadly since I wasn't an Xbox gamer last gen I can't comment on it, but something similar DID happen with the Nintendo Wii U. I recall most places being sold out and I figured finding one at launch would be this difficult task, but I walked into Walmart around 1 PM on release and saw like 5 of them. This could mean that Activision is limiting preorders to make it seem like demand is absurdly high and then plans on releasing an ample stock at release killing the resale value and having people rush out to buy the "fabled" and "rare" special edition.

TL;DR Until the game releases and we can see with our own eyes that the CE is rare, I wouldn't read too much into it and wouldn't bother with it unless you really want that Ghost.

LAWSON721550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Collector editions sell out often when they are over $100, a recent example is DkS2.

mrmonk1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Does any1 have a spare beta code ps4 I think I preordered to late

Sci0n1550d ago

will pm you some codes unsure if they will work since I posted them on but worth a shot.

mrmonk1550d ago

Cheers I'll try & see if they work thanks dude