Fan-made leaderboard allows you to compare Destiny Crucible stats

An avid Destiny fan has taken it upon themselves to make a website that tracks everyone’s Destiny Crucible stats.

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overlordror1577d ago

Nice! I expect to see something like this from official Bungie soon, but nice nonetheless!

HyperBear1576d ago

Holy!!! I'm actually not as terrible as I thought I was, but I'm still pretty crappy compared to everyone else who's played. I'm a WIP I suppose'.

This is really helpful btw!

Ozmoses1576d ago

Yeah this is pretty cool and it links it to the character profile on

I'm not that bad. I've mainly played explore though working on my vanguard reception.. I'm about 1/3 to rank 3.

I also saw they replyed to someone on twitter and said when the beta comes back online there will be permanent rewards, special events and more!!!!