Project Areal Kickstarter is likely a scam, here’s why

An in-depth analysis of the Project Areal Kickstarter shows that the project is likely a scam, designed for a quick cash in.

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Gamercore1644d ago

Not like I was going to give the game any money, but as someone who's actively involved in Kickstarter, these are some pretty great tips to watch out for when you do decide to back something.

3-4-51644d ago

Scum will be scum, and they will find any way possible to be that way.

Anything that can be used for good, can be used for bad if there person is douchey enough.

Kickstarter is amazing if used properly, which it 95% of the time is.

jwk941644d ago

This isn't good, especially after the Yogscast debacle.

randomass1711644d ago

I think what we should take from this is not that Kickstarter or its projects are inherently bad, but that there is a risk factor for anything you choose to back. It's more like an investment, not a pre-order. So some lousy people will try to get away with scamming others unfortunately. I've backed a couple of KS campaigns like Shantae, Mighty No. 9 and an anime movie, but other than that I'm pretty conservative about what I back. I like waiting 'till late in the campaign to see if they release any early material for the project to make it seem more believable before I back.

TheRedButterfly1643d ago

What's the Yogscast debacle? I tuned out of that outlet back in 2012.

TheRedButterfly1644d ago

I hate how crap like this paints legitimate Kickstarted projects... Been wrestling with how we (roommates) are going to be presenting ours, then when stuff like this pops up it makes us rethink even bothering...

Especially when someone will get 50,000+ for potato salad, whereas we probably wouldn't even generate 1/5th of that.

Nevers0ft1644d ago

I'm guessing that potato salad is going to be a daaaaaamned fine potato salad though! Maybe your project should try and capitalise on what's popular... Do an 2D old school platformer called "Potato Salad Simulator" ;)

Gh05t1644d ago

Potato Salad Simulator: Kickstart your potluck

If you thought the real thing was good wait until you play the GAME!

randomass1711644d ago

Just be honest with your backers and make sure you have something to show for your project. Otherwise it will generate the same kind of controversy this campaign received.

Gh05t1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I was really Hoping this was real. I am sure happy I didnt back it though. The $50k was what really threw me off.

Doritos_Pope1644d ago

What sad low life thieving scum these guys are for robbing gamers.

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