Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Exoskeleton Was Introduced Over Two Years Ago

The exo-boost mechanic proved to be a "major hit" with Sledgehammer.

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RosweeSon1548d ago

What by far cry and others? ;)

bondsmx1548d ago

sure seems like the CoD craze is dying down... usually by now (july) the n4g site is flooded with news of the next GREAT CoD game... now, ehhh, see one here and there...

kinda seems like the CoD hype train has derailed these last few years with subpar games...

I swear, ghost to me, felt like a cheap CoD knockoff.. but its a oxymoron, because it was CoD.. lol

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BillmadeAGate1548d ago

Wish they would show the Multiplayer tralier already , If I like what I see thats the only reason id pick up another cod.. Haven't played a cod campaign since mw2 so I can care less if Kevin spacys the main protagonist.. @Sledgehammer Show us what we want to see or keep your comments to yourself..

caseh1548d ago

"Wish they would show the Multiplayer tralier already"

Take a look at every previous iteration of CoD online and picture it with a new menu and box art. Ta-daaaaa

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The story is too old to be commented.