Please Destiny Let Us Use Real Money

Is it right or wrong for gamers to want to pay for in-game extras with real money. Are those wishes a blight on the gaming industry or simply a sign of the times?


TL;DR version for most people commenting here.

A Gamer called hulkzenit has no problem paying for extra items in Destiny and causes huge uproar on popular gaming forum by posting a thread called “Please Destiny let us use real money”. DLC is considered bad by some, good for others depending on how much time you can invest playing (or how much money you have to burn). Article concludes that pay to win is bad if the game mixes this model with regular gamers and that DLC extras are simply a sign of the times and is fine as long as the content on the original purchase remains good value.

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xHeavYx1553d ago

I hope not, but if they decide to do this, they should separate paying users from non paying users

Palitera1553d ago

The game screams microtransactions.

Also, it is a half billion dollar franchise. Strange that people still hope it won't milk money of every player tit with every scheme possible.

gaffyh1553d ago

They probably will introduce them eventually, but I hope they don't.

ZodTheRipper1553d ago

Am I the only one who feels the need to insult the author for writing this?

Menkyo1553d ago

@Palitera its not 500 million like some have reported. Bungie has stated it didnt cost thay much. No dont not let real money in the game it destorys games for most people.

Palitera1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

^ Menkyo

What Bungie said is that this one first game don't have this budget, which is widely known as well. It is for the franchise.

And, yes, probably they're spending more money on marketing than on development. The game is fun, sure, but is crtl c ctrl v Halo all over and seems to be very shallow, following the steps of the third Diablo (with all the respect for Diablo, which probably ends up as a widely superior game, even the worst one, the third).

Anyway, that's only my prediction for the so-so game that's to come, nothing even near the "groundbreaking" promises. Borderlands have almost anything good this game has and much better done.

christian hour1553d ago

Please don't go giving Activision the go ahead. We all know they've already got plans to make as much money outside of the core games as possible (it's activision, how could they not have plans for this?) but if they even think of addign a pay to win option on top of the core game content... As much as I love this game I will no longer support it. Leave that model with the f2p mmo's and the horrible zynga mobile games.

troylazlow1553d ago

I love the "Pay to Win" model. I don't have a lot of time to spend on a game like Destiny, if I can get a little boost then I will play it more.

just because you don't want to spend the money on micro transactions doesn't mean they are the evil underbelly of gaming.

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smt_Nocturne1553d ago

Let "us" ? speak for yourself.

abc12331553d ago

Fishing for clicks. Nothing to see here.

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kamisama1553d ago

Definitely not diablo 3 tried it and it's utter bs and has since been taken out

ovnipc1553d ago

Hell no. No pay to win! If they announce that you can use real money. No go for me unless its like skins or camos. But I prefer no real money nothing more satisfying that earning it.

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LAWSON721553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

I hope they don't because I like to be able to say I earned this armor and show it off, then walk around and see some douche wearing it because they payed cash. It devalues my efforts and make what I did look pointless. It devalues looting and one of the main aspects of the game

Lawboy21553d ago

This is exactly how i feel and one of the reasons disliked e gow judgments

voodoochild3461553d ago

Yeah. One of many things wrong with that game...

legionsoup1553d ago

First off, I've never spent money in a game to get better stuff.

Having said that, I think it's small-minded to refer to people who do purchase upgrades in games as "douchbags." Sure, I can agree that it devalues the item, but if it's an option in the game, then it's okay to do. Hacking games to make yourself powerful? That's a douchbag. ;)

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Baka-akaB1553d ago

Screw you , whoever wrote this .

imXify1553d ago

There's a door over there author. Yes yes that one.. take it.

pompombrum1553d ago

The door? It better lead directly to a cliff!

Volkama1553d ago

Just tell him it is a shortcut and ask for $5. He will willingly leap of any cliff and you will get $5. Which would make you as bad as Activision and EA. Hmm maybe just push him over the edge?

Drithe1553d ago

This was just a planted article to see the reactions of "WHAT IF" Bungie started selling items. IMO that would totally ruin this game. TOTALLY. This game is like a FPS rpg and PROGRESSION through hardwork should be rewarded, not who has the most money.

If I find out they are doing this before this game comes out I will not buy it.