Don't Own a Wii U? It's No Longer Nintendo's Fault

From GamesReviews:

"The excuses for why people don't already own a Wii U are become outdated, and frankly, untrue. Everything from "there aren't enough quality games" to "it is too expensive" are two of the most oft used excuses. It's time to realize that the time to buy a Wii U might finally be here."

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jdubrady1603d ago

The only games that interest me are Mario Kart 8 and the new upcoming Zelda, maybe the new Smash Bros...I may wait until the Wii U becomes cheaper on ebay/amazon. I just dont too much incentive to go out now and buy it. Wii U does seem like it will be a great console to have eventually.

gaffyh1603d ago

No it's still Nintendo's fault. There are two games that interest me, and might get me to make the jump if they look good. X, and Zelda, and maybe Pokemon fully 3D if that ever happens,

leahcim1603d ago

really the only 2 games that will make me buy a wii U are x and zelda same as you. This will be on 2016?

Metallox1603d ago

There are many games already out for the console, even if they don't look so "AAA".

Magicite1603d ago

this fall will show whether current nintendo console can be a decent rival.

masterfox1603d ago

just because they released MK8 ? I need to buy it ? really what other high profile game has been released so far ?, oh wait.. I know why everyone so excited cause in E3 they show some games that will released in........ 2015!!!!

Yes is not Nintendo's fault!!! this is genious!! ughhhh sorry but this articles are pathetic.

Totoro171603d ago

It's "genius". Also, look up "irony".

Nevers0ft1603d ago

It means it's "made of iron" (I'm a jeanius too) :)

deafdani1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Admittedly, I still haven't read the article, but to answer your question:

- New Super Mario Bros U (and Luigi U)
- PIkmin 3
- Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
- The Wonderful 101
- Zelda Wind Waker HD
- Mario Kart 8
- LEGO City Undercover
- Super Mario 3D World

All of these are pretty damn good games either made or published by Nintendo exclusively for the Wii U. If you were to buy a Wii U right now, those games would be more than enough to tide you over until more games come out this year and next year.

And this is without counting some good third party exclusives like Zombi U, or superior versions of third party multiplatform games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut, Rayman Legends and Need for Speed Most Wanted.

And on top of all this, there's a lot of indie goodness to play on the Wii U: Shovel Knight (available on 3DS too), Runner 2, Trine 2 Director's Cut, Mutant Mudds Deluxe, Cloudberry Kingdom, Child of Light, Castlestorm, Pushmo World, etc, etc, etc.

And to finish it off, there's some third party multiplatform games in there, as well. Third party AAA support is weak, yes, but NOT non-existant. Assassin's Creed III and IV, Black Ops 2, Batman Arkham City and Arkham Origins, Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, etc...

All in all, the Wii U now has plenty of games to play already, and a lot of them exclusive. So, if you think the only games worth playing there will be released next year... you aren't looking hard enough.

GamingSinceThe80s1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Those games aren't FPS therefore not considered real games by most of todays generation of That said I own every game on that list minus Lego City.

fatneal1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

bro you left off:

monster hunter
zombie U
sonic lost world is decent too

also the definitive versions of ninja gaiden 3, deus ex,tekken tag tourney, shovel knight and rayman legends

deafdani1603d ago

@fatneal: I actually mentioned Zombi U, along with Deus Ex, Shovel Knight and Rayman Legends... but yeah, I left those other games you mentioned out.

I didn't intend to list every single good Wii U game on my post, anyway. :P

Dunban671602d ago

The Wii u library is getting better but it is still weighted toward platformers- whoever likes platformers could have bought the Wii u a while back and had plenty of content but if platformers are not your thing then the library could still use a few more games to diversify

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wonderfulmonkeyman1603d ago

Way to ignore games like Shovel Knight, The Wonderful 101, Sonic lost world, Pikmin 3, Resident Evil Revelations, DKTF, and upcoming titles like Bayonetta 1 and 2, Hyrule Warriors, and Xenoblade X.
And I'm sure I missed a few, there.
Point is, it's not Nintendo fault that your tastes are so narrow that you can't give its line-up, both currently and upcoming, the shot it deserves.

SilentNegotiator1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Nintendo fanatics' "buy a Wii U now!" articles have gotten incredibly pushy and negative towards the consumer.

You know what? It IS Nintendo's fault. Their issue with third party support is a VERY long running issue and Nintendo chose to do little to nothing about it.

If Nintendo is fine with the sales they make from what they offer and they profit most of the time, fine. But don't be a snotty fanboy and "blame" people for not buying a system that they're not interested in. That's just pathetically condescending and you need to get over your opinion of how great the Wii U is.

LOL_WUT1603d ago

Agreed they failed to persuade gamers to buy the system no one else is to blame but them if someone doesn't own one.

I'd suggest those who are on the fence about getting one should wait till 2015 thats when they'll have their better lineup ;)

wonderfulmonkeyman1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

What do you expect Nintendo to do about third parties?
Force them to include content in their ports that they don't want to put in, because they want to cut costs by not including stuff other versions of their ports have?
Forcing them into content parity would only make third parties give up and walk away faster.

It's not Nintendo's fault that they've ruined their chances of making their multiplats sell on wii u.
Nintendo didn't force them to take out content and cut corners in development to save on costs on top of offering old games at new game prices, which resulted in ports that few if any wii u owners want to buy.
Third parties dug their own grave year one when they did gimped ports that discouraged the fan base from supporting them.
They had that whole year without first party games overshadowing their efforts, and they mucked it up with bad ports.
That's on them.
It shouldn't be up to Nintendo to ensure that third parties make their own ports supported well enough to garner sales.

At this point, Nintendo is better off relying on exclusives from third parties.

SilentNegotiator1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Chicken or the egg, Monkeyman; Nintendo has given third parties little attention for many generations (including giving them systems they didn't want - Gamecube with tiny discs and less buttons, Wii with a completely different control scheme, Wii U with a controller screen that fans came to expect to be used, requiring extra work) and in return got little attention from third parties.

I don't care whose fault it is and neither do gamers. Either way, Nintendo should have stepped it up and made sure that Wii U had strong third party support, even if it meant floating publishers some money for development or advertisement slots until third party on Wii U became well established. At this point, Nintendo needs to be bold to win back third parties. It will ALWAYS be their burden at the end of the day because it is THEIR system, while third parties are nomadic.

randomass1711603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

The way I look at it is that Nintendo had a shot to focus on third parties and they really dilly-dallied over it. Since third parties aren't showing much initiative, they are more focused on first party software and indies. Wii U is kind of a Nintendo fan system, so you won't be able to get a lot out of it without an appreciation for those games. Either way, wonderfulmonkeyman is making a good point that third parties aren't biting or are biting poorly at the Wii U's heels and that much is because Nintendo didn't act early. We're a few years past launch and there's not a lot Nintendo can do about it anymore. It's spilled milk and Nintendo has to make the best of it and they are when all is said and done. Mario Kart already proved there is life in the system.

wonderfulmonkeyman1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

It may be Nintendo's system, but those ports are not their developmental responsibility.
Nintendo doesn't decide what content does or doesn't make it into those ports.
Third parties do.
And it's because they cut so much out of those ports, that they didn't immediately start selling to the wii u customer base at the start of the systems life.
The third parties had a golden opportunity to show wii u gamers that they had ports worth purchasing on the system, but they didn't take advantage of the opportunity.

The controller and their past systems have no bearing on the mistakes of third party ports in the here and now.
Third parties can't put blame on Nintendo for the way third parties presented their own ports to the user base of the system.
Those decisions, and the poor sales of said ports, rest squarely on the shoulders of third parties.

jcnba281603d ago

"But don't be a snotty fanboy and "blame" people for not buying a system that they're not interested in"

Exactly, so why is it when somebody says something about the PS4 they don't like you rush to defend your console of choice by replying to them?

It's their opinion if they don't like the console right?

SilentNegotiator1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Show any example of me defending a PS fanboy claiming that people not buying Ps4s are at "fault" for not wanting a Ps4 (because how dare they not want a Ps4) and I'll never comment on N4G again and get "hypocrite" tattooed on my forehead.

I downvote and report those morons who make those "Real gamers should buy ___" comments every time.

AJBACK2FRAG1603d ago

Because lazy third party "updates" simply can not compete with Nintendo's own first party triple A (always) exclusives.

fatneal1603d ago

LOL your comment is hilarious because "Nintendo fanatics' "buy a Wii U now!" articles have gotten incredibly pushy and negative towards the consumer." is top shelf irony

nintendo has been the industries doormat unjustifiably for the last 3 generations especially on sites like n4g. a few people differentiate from the usual flood of "nintendo is doomed" articles to write articles declaring wiiU is worth buying and all of a sudden its "pushy and negative towards consumers"

pure comedy

truechainz1602d ago

I hope you show up to all the other articles with this comment because the amount of pushy articles for the wii u would likely amount to be a fraction of what is presented on this site in favor of other platforms. You are not wrong (which is the best part) but it seems weird you feel frustrated by these pushy articles that have been here for maybe 2 months as opposed to what has been here for years when there was nothing but negativity towards wii u. Who knows maybe you make this same comment filling in the appropriate blanks all the time. I just hope you do.

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TekoIie1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Oh fanboyism is a funny thing. So the argument has gone from "Wii U's got no games" to "Wii U's got no games... until 2015"...

So thats where the anti Wii U argument has moved to. Desperation at its finest.

EDIT: I get disagree's but no replies. If I'm wrong please explain why.

deafdani1603d ago

Disagreeing doesn't imply that you're wrong, just that my opinion isn't the same as yours.

As to why: because I think Wii U already has a lot of games to play. Look at my other post above.

On the other hand, if some people don't like Nintendo-styled games, then yeah... Wii U isn't the machine for them, and most likely never will be, with its poor third party support.

TekoIie1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )


"Disagreeing doesn't imply that you're wrong, just that my opinion isn't the same as yours."

True. I should've written "If you believe I'm wrong". Slight gramatical error.

"As to why: because I think Wii U already has a lot of games to play. Look at my other post above."

Read over your comment above and theres nothing really for me to disagree with.

"On the other hand, if some people don't like Nintendo-styled games, then yeah... Wii U isn't the machine for them"

I just have the mindset that if someone is going to express their view on something they should be prepared to back it up.

Like I said the argument being made can pretty much be viewed as moving the goalposts. One minute the Wii U has no games, but then its no games until 2015 and when thats refuted it'll move to something else.

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MSBAUSTX1603d ago

Article is not pathetic. He makes valid points. There was a ton of third party games at first. All terrible ports with lousy DLC support compared to other consoles. Some of them werent terrible just not as good. But there are a bunch of good quality titles for it. I own 10 Wii U games and only Forza for my XB1. Im sorry too to the PS4 fans but there are not many great titles for that system right now either. Sales are higher but with no quality software there is no reason to play then right now. My Wii U gets played daily and especially when people come over because there is nothing worth playing locally with other people on other next gen cobsoles. So it isnt Nintendo's fault anymore. They have a large library of games now, graphics are pretty good, and has awesome miltiplayer and single player experience. You can get two games, two cobtrollers, and the system for only $299. That is the price of system along with $150 of free stuff. So the price is a great value too. Go get one and play it. You wont regret it. Buy and play PS4 and or XB1 as well. But dont just sluff off the Wii u, it is good times.

MSBAUSTX1603d ago

Oh and Wii U is backwards compatible with all Wii games and controllers. Did Sony and MS do that? No they didnt.

LOL_WUT1603d ago

Was the N64 backwards compatible or the Gamecube? How about all the features that last gen consoles could do but are still no where to be found on the WiiU ;)

Chrischi19881603d ago

And these are what exactly?

randomass1711603d ago

I'm curious about that as well. What features are missing on Wii U that were not in GCN and N64?

jcnba281603d ago

Yeah like free online, backwards compatibility, and no mandatory installing onto hard drive...oh wait

MegaRay1603d ago

Will WiiU pad (or regular one) work in wii's games? i hate wiimote :(
(atleast the games that doesnt use motion control like Sonic colors)

MSBAUSTX1602d ago

You can use the wii U gamepad as a TV screen to play wii games. But you will have to use whatever controls are accepted for the orriginal Wii game you are playing. But it does support off Screen play for Wii games now on the Wii U gamepad. Just with the controls that game would have nornally used. A lot of games let you use the pro controller for regular wii though. I have been playing Super Smash Brothers brawl on the game pad using my old pro controller plugged in to my wii mote to get ready for new Super Smash Bros.

Artista 1603d ago

Whenever people are ready they'll buy one. . people have their reasons. Some don't want a Wii U at all.. some are waiting for certain games to release.