Fatal Frame Trailer with English Subtitles

A few days ago Koei Tecmo officially unveiled Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden on Wii U with a live stream of gameplay as well as screenshots and details. The game is currently only announced for release in Japan, so all of the reveal footage was obviously in Japanese.

However, a version of the trailer with English subtitles has been uploaded, so you can understand exactly what's going on. You might need to turn on the Closed Captioning to get the subtitles to work.

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MSBAUSTX1554d ago

The video quality sucks bad. At least I hope it was the video quality. I want this game to look amazing and be amazing. But I dontt hink this video does it justice.

deafdani1553d ago

The video quality looks just fine to me, at least as far as Youtube videos are concerned.

Do you expect this game to look like The Last of Us or something? Not all games are made with such high budgets... it still looks pretty decent.

Pozzle1553d ago

I think it's just Youtube's crappy quality. It looks better on other sites that allow better quality vids.

Loadedklip1553d ago

Fatal Frame ... Wii U might not have a ton of games overall due to lack of third party support but they definitely have (and will continue to increase) great first/second party EXCLUSIVE games for Wii U.

MSBAUSTX1553d ago

I know the game will look great. The videos I have watched on the Eshop on my wii U have looked great. I just think that using the poor quality youtube videos to advertise a game will not show people what the game and system can really do and look like. I dont expect The Last of Us, but I know what the system is capable of after playing Mario Kart 8 and Batman. So when I see grainy videos like this it worries me that people who already knock the Wii U as "inferior" will just laugh instead of giving it the chance it deserves. Does that make more sense?