Destiny's First-Ever 1080p Xbox One Footage

IGN: "The Xbox One beta had to go out at 900p. See what the final Xbox One version of Destiny is going to look like."

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JBSleek2262d ago

I truly wish this game was coming out for PC but I will be picking this up for Xbox One. Played the beta on PS4, looking good so far. September needs to hurry up!

Volkama2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

I would be torn if it was coming for the PC. I have a few friends getting the Xbox version and friends surely weighs in higher than pristine graphics.

Unfortunately I found out recently that I have become totally attrocious at aiming with a controller. Really hope I can cure that quickly or they might not even want me to join them! :)

tbone5672261d ago

Can't wait to get Destiny for Xbox One. XB1 has better friend integration, better server support, can't get hacked like PSN, better twitch support. Everything else is just better.

osamaq2261d ago

its cross generation game,
that's why xbone can do it 1080p... I think

osamaq2261d ago

as I can see in this video

the current gen version of the game looks like a remaster version of the old one ...

conclusion : xbone can do a 1080p of a remasterd version of old gen game " not a big deal"

PONTIAC08G8GT2261d ago


Just because it's a cross generation game doesn't mean thats why the X1 is 1080. Battlefield, Watchdogs, X1 isn't running at 1080 and those games are cross platform. I think that the more time developers have the more 1080 X1 games we will see. Games generally look better as the systems get older then they do when first launched.

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TheGreatAndPowerful2262d ago

check out the dropped frames while he's running up the stairs @2:32.

thrust2262d ago

Hahaha ok mate!

Xbox one day one for me :)

Volkama2262d ago

But if frames are dropped how can I check them out? Do you have them?

MeliMel2262d ago

Check it out guys. Down bubble for trolling @12:46pm 7/21/14. Lol..smh

DeadRabbits2262d ago

The little console that could!

TheGreatAndPowerful2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

It's currently dropping frames at 900p, can you imagine how it'll perform when they push it to 1080p? Wow.. poor MS, it just never ends for them does it.

jcnba282262d ago

There are frame rate drops in the PS4 beta.

nerdman672261d ago

PS4 version drops frames quite a bit, it's just too fun for it to matter.

TheGreatAndPowerful2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

@nerdman and everyone else in here making these bs claims should all be labeled as trolls and have a bubble removed.

Destiny PS4 Beta Single-Player Frame-Rate Tests

Destiny PS4 Beta Multiplayer Frame-Rate Tests

PONTIAC08G8GT2261d ago

PS4 has frame rate issues also, so calm down there.

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AngelicIceDiamond2261d ago

1080p is ok I just want the game to function properly on X1.

What I mean by that it the PS4 gets more days than the X1 version.

I want the X1 version to be as best as it can be despite having a shorter beta.

jagermaster6192261d ago

I agree with you 100% on that!

ma1asiah2261d ago

Can we really call the Destiny Beta even a Beta on either console?

I personally would call this a glorified early access demo much like what we have come to expect from the Battlefield series.

Seriously given that the game is slated to release in September, I can't see much code changing between now and then. Maybe just a bit more spit and polish.

At best you could argue that it is a stress test but a real Beta I somehow think not.

lelo2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

"Destiny's First-Ever 1080p Xbox One Footage"

No worries. Fanboys will find something else to bitch about.

I see a lot of comparison videos between consoles for this game in the near future...

2261d ago
FanboyKilla2261d ago

you sony fans better find something else besides res quick. or you gonna be left with your u know what in your hand.

2261d ago
Gekko362261d ago

I know my boys and I are getting this on day one (unless it's a school night and I'll buy it but not let them touch it till the weekend and all their homework is done. I know I'm a right [email protected]@rd).

The footage looks great but none of us care about resolution, it's the gameplay we can't wait to get our hands on. My lads are chomping at the bit for it...

I thought most people on here typed one handed... I know I do! :D

MuhammadJA2261d ago

The menu of the game indicates a PC version is coming. Lol, mouse movements.

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All_Consoles2262d ago

The fact that so many people care about resolution this generation is a stigma for gaming. Just enjoy your games and quit whining

Predaking772261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

So it wasn't a stigma last generation when it favored the 360 and it was OK but now that it doesn't favor the x1 it is a stigma?

Oh the hypocrisy

All_Consoles2261d ago

Hardly anyone talked about resolution last gen, but I had a ps3 the entire generation to play third party games and I was fine. People are just whining too much

Athonline2261d ago

I don't remember resolution to be an issue.

Other than the 3-red lights it was about graphics, originally multiplats on 360 and then when they started looking the same people stopped and started fighting about features like Kinect, PSN down, Live subscription, etc etc... The press was pretty much picking up whatever they could.

Now it is resolution. Mostly because press can show differences easier, get more clicks and thus more revenue.

Simply enjoy your games.

Software_Lover2261d ago

No one really cared/talked about resolution last gen. I think the biggest thing was when Microsoft took out of their contract that every game had to be 720p. That was only talked about for a short while though.

AngelicIceDiamond2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

@Preda Whenever X1 version of games start freezing and stuttering or anything worse then we have a problem.

The only thing that people are arguing about is resolution this gen.

COD4, MW2, Fall Out 3, Sky Rim and others had freezing problems on PS3.

That's not the case with X1. Clipping games seems to be a minor issue here and there but its not game breaking problems however.

Am_Ryder2261d ago

Last generation it was simply about the overall flops of the console. Not resolution or anything. It was GPU/CPU arguments, threading arguments and processor structure. Blah blah.

This gen it has all become about resolution and frame rate. Which don't really matter as long as the game and the simulation is good.

Imho, resolution matters NOTHING. If you started playing all your games on 800 x 600, within a few hours you would desensitize and forget what HD looked like.

The only criterion which matters for FPS is that it's functional, so above 25-30. Most TV and cinema has been 25 for 60 odd years and nobody complains.

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user74029312261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

You are right! screw resolution! why did they even make a ps3 oe xbox 360? why not stick to playstation 2? smfh. resolution is very important in 2014, not a dealbreaker (ofcourse) but resolution absolutely matters. my experience in 1080p will be superiour to someones in 900p.

which is why i am getting this for ps4. i want the most advantages i can have on consoles.

BELOW AT USER "gudit." joined 8 min ago. you are a troll. try harder.

Software_Lover2261d ago

Better graphics, thats why we move on to console generation after generation. Resolution is just one aspect of that.

Hell, most HD shows only display in 720p, they look good to me.

ThePope2261d ago

Yes the games this gen look better than last. BUT they also can be more; more environments, more characters on screen, more detail, more immersion, more everything. Resolution is one thing enhanced, but it is only part of the equation.

starchild2261d ago

"my experience in 1080p will be superiour to someones in 900p."

It's funny you guys can never admit that when it comes to the PC. All last generation long all I heard was how the higher resolutions and framerates on PC really didn't matter since "it's still the same game".

Now you guys are changing your tune just because it gives you something to bash gamers on other consoles over.

Am_Ryder2261d ago

Fuck graphics, man. They don't matter shit.

What matters is deeper and more emergent simulation, wider breadth of gameplay and scope, big pushes in AI, etc.

Seriously, play some old PC games at 1024xwhatever. Within a few hours of playing lo res you entirely forget what hi-res looks like.

Frame rate is more important but still doesn't matter shit when it comes to a game's content and simulation.

Benchm4rk2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )


"but resolution absolutely matters. my experience in 1080p will be superiour to someones in 900p"

I Disagree. My experience with COD Ghosts in 720p was probably just as bad as yours in 1080p ;-)

2261d ago
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strangeaeon2261d ago

What on earth would we "discuss" then? Actual details on gameplay and game mechanics? Pish posh!!

whothedog2261d ago

Mafia 2 ps3 version had no grass.....

There was lots of nit picking last gen and it will continue into this gen.

It just switched sides now.

gman_moose2261d ago

Yeah its so sad that IGN even made a video for that. Then again, it's MacCaffrey, who's as much a MS fanboy as anyone.

When enough dedication and resources go into development of a game, it's not so hard to achieve parity. It happened quite often on PS3/360... lazy devs were exposed when the PS3 versions looked like crap, and the good devs made them equal.

The wildcard will be the exclusives. Everyone knows this, yet we bicker back and forth about multiplats like they mean something.

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TheFallenAngel2262d ago

Have fun xbox fans, the game is amazing!

zsquaresoff2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Shocked that Pc Mustard race is not getting this game.

I don't think they would care either, probably busy playing the Goat simulator.

Angels37852262d ago

In all honesty though...that game is pretty funny xD

Corpser2262d ago

The definitive version is coming later, rumor is March 2015

Rob_Ko2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

I don't think it's worth for Activision to sell that 100k extra copies on PC.

Mustard Race need to save money for new graphic cards that comes every 6 months to stay on the top of the pack.

Well at least they can buy 5 year old games on steam sales.

Athonline2261d ago

It won't be 100K extra copies. However I belive Activision is playing their game right.

Activision knows that more wealthy PC gamers will never stick to one system if they want the X game. By getting Destiny on consoles only at launch, it will make PC gamers get a console. This way this way they increase next-gen console sales.

A few months after they release the game for PC, PC gamers who got it on a console, will re-buy this. Mainly for that extra DLC, better graphics, controls, etc.

Activision wants to pull a "Rockstar" with their GTA. Get PC people who can't wait to buy it on a console and then resell them one. Similar to what Blizzard done a similar thing in reverse; got Diablo on PC and then released a console version with enough extra stuff (that co-op is quite fun) to attract PC gamers getting it.

In any case, understand something: Activision, EA, Ubisoft, etc are all about the money, they don't care about system loyalties or whatever. Their choices are business choices. They just want to sell as many copies in the short term and establish franchises/ system bases for the long-term.

Without want to start a war, but:
You don't need a graphics card every year, I do every two, because I can afford it. My previous rig still lives in my parents' house is 5-6 years and yet plays games like Crysis (with a few compromises) fine.
Steam sales include new games, wolfenstein the new order had a 50% two days ago. Divinity: Original Sin was also on sales. Plus if you buy from 3rd-party stores, you get them even cheaper than Steam.

Enjoy the game and relax.

sinspirit2261d ago

Yea. 100k copies at $50(at least) at launch would easily be $5 million, which more than covers porting it to PC. This game would sell at least a million over time on PC. It's Bungie's next huge game, it's one of the hottest game topics right now(sci-fi), and it is free roam with a huge emphasis on multiplayer. It is focusing on some of the strongest points of PC gaming in the industry and they have every gamers attention.

Panthers2261d ago

I dont see how people could play on Console only. So many great PC exclusives. I would never play a shooter on PC because I hate mouse/KB controls for Shooters. But RTS/MMO games are so much better. MOBA too.

Rob_Ko2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

who doesn't own pc/laptop these days?
It's not console players who are religious to their one system.

starchild2261d ago

Wow, so much console gamer jealousy. Having to bring up the PC out of the blue just goes to show how much the PC's advantages bother you.

Just enjoy your games, no matter which platform(s) you play on.

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