Destiny Beta Impressions: Six Thoughts On Bungie’s Shared-World Shooter | iDigitalTimes - "For a variety of reasons, not the least of which being that Destiny isn't scheduled to make its official debut for another six weeks, it seemed inappropriate to write anything that might be misconstrued as a full review of the game. That said, after spending a few hours maxing out a Titan all by my lonesome, I wanted to share some thoughts on my first few hours with Bungie's upcoming shared-world shooter."

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iDadio1553d ago

Pretty spot on really and sums up my own viewpoint, excited to see more as its painful having blue rare items in my inventory that I cannot use :<

Menkyo1553d ago

I know your pain. I got a chest piece for a lvl 10 armor rating 110 :( unused.

showtimefolks1553d ago

its fun to see other players because each player gets their own loot