Crimsonland Video Review – Paint the Town Red -PSLS

"There are very few games that allow you to kill zombies, giant spiders, aliens, and lizard people all in one go, yet that is precisely what Crimsonland allows you to do. In fact, it’s just about all Crimsonland allows you to do, but is it such a bad thing that you get the instant satisfaction of decimating hordes of monsters while they burst into bits and blood all over the fairly plain canvas that is the level you are playing? While ridiculously fun, it isn’t without flaws." - PSLS

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knifefight1554d ago

My biggest gripe for this release, is that I really wish they had done more with the port. I have been waiting for a Crimsonland 2 for years, and aside from the added multiplayer it really seems to be the exact same game as it was 10 years ago.