Will Ubisot Ever Live Down Their Assassin's Creed Gender Blunder?

In June, Ubisoft made the error of dismissing female playabloe characters as "a lot of extra production work." Six weeks later, the company is still getting criticized for it, most recently by Ashley Johnson (Ellie in The Last of Us). Will Ubisoft ever live down its gender blunder?

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EvilWay1549d ago

I don't see why this is a big deal. Who cares if we play as a female or male? I like playing as a male because let's be honest it seems more likely, than a female taking on a whole army by them self. I don't have a problem with a female character (I love Tomb Raider) but female characters are hard to make there personality, because people want someone badass but pretty at the same time

zeal0us1549d ago

It wasn't a big deal until Ubisoft got caught with their foot in their mouth. Talks about more assets,animators and resources need to be pulled just to create a female character. When you say things like that, it makes your company looks lazy. Especially when another company go to create a female character with ease.

All Ubisoft had to say was "AC:Unity doesn't have female character at this time but we're considering it for the future" and left it at that.

This remind me of the time when Ubisoft stated pc gaming had a 93-95% piracy rate and people called them out for it.

Ariamythe1549d ago

This. It wasn't so much that they excluded them, but the stupid and ultimately offensive and dismissive way they did it.

JackOfAllBlades1547d ago

Come on! We all know how hard it is to program good breast jiggle physics!

joab7771547d ago

Its absurd. This is the company that made an AC game w/ a female lead, child of light and has done well with AC dlc etc. of representing diversity. So, yeah one person made up excuses as to why there wasn't a female in Unity, other than the fact that there probably wouldnt have been.

So, yeah. They will get over it assuming ppl dont continue rehashing old irrelevant stories.

AgentSmithPS41548d ago

More boobs are better than less boobs, I'd rather look at an attractive female while I play. It's still me playing the game no matter what gender I am.

JeffGUNZ1548d ago

Really? Who gives a whoot. It's their game, their vision, their right to put whoever they want in the game. I don't care the excuse they used, probably just made something up so they didn;t have to reploy with "hahahahaha" when asked why they don't have females.

hkgamer1548d ago

i think their excuse was that the other assassins in mp is basically the same main character, but others will see it as a different npc. so basically everyone plays as the same character. if there was a female, than that means they have to make another storyline. which would take months and not worth the effort.

others took it the wrong way and are just thinking of a simple character/pallete swap.

hkgamer1548d ago

where the fuck are the chinese people in this game. i want to play as a chinese assassin, also with a ninja costume. fuck you ubisoft you racist fuck.

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