Nintendo Should Scrap the Wii U

It's pretty much a given these days that every Nintendo earnings announcement will be accompanied by an apology of some kind from the company's helm. Sometimes they're punctuated by symbolic gestures like the senior executive pay cuts that were meant to represent an atonement for its ugly third-quarter financial statement in January.

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NYC_Gamer1554d ago

Why should Nintendo scrap a machine that fans are enjoying?

thorstein1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

...and is currently in 2nd in terms of consoles sold through to customers?

Damn... approved before I could report the obvious clicky flamebait.

XiNarutoUzumaki1554d ago

Some journalist just want Nintendo to do the same mistake Sega did.

b163o11554d ago

I thought the WiiU was starting to do a lot better then I did when it first came out? This article has a BS aroma to it...

Are_The_MaDNess1554d ago

i would be lying if i said that i didnt want my Mario and Zelda games on my gaming PC rig. but i really dont want them to fail. i enjoy my Wii U ATM, ofc it needs more games. but they are almost here.

only thing they need to get a hold of is the Emulation downloads on the Wii U Shop. we need all the old games to be available to download!

an official PC emulator released on steam could also bring in alot of money for them IMO

Kingthrash3601554d ago

Flame bait...mk8 got wiiu a 200%+ boost compared to last year. YES the wiiu needs more games but when they do Come out they sell systems. Zelda..metriod...smash has yet to come and all are known system sellers. Shiiid they can release Mario RPG too. I admit they squandered and made huge mistakes with the wiiu. They are taking too long to release games and had a years head start but in no way should they scrap the wiiu.

ichizon1554d ago

Why would you report this as clickbait? Granted, the headline may seem like it, but the article does an in-depth analysis, and at the core it's about Nintendo's losses and why they should scrap the Wii U and focus on something else.

Smartphone markets are [probably] stealing their casual userbase, while only the old Nintendo-fans are holding onto the console for new iterations of Mario and Zelda games. Smash Bros., MK8 and possibly Bayonetta, with some oddball Mario and Donkey Kong platformers, which could just as well have been released on the old Wii, are keeping fans positive, but I think the successful release of PS4 [and Xbox One] have finally started getting to even that core. The PlayStation team are doing well in getting indie-like games to their system, and their AAA lineup engulfs Wii U's lineup easily.

Furthermore, PS4 now decided to go with the Vita as an optional screen much like Nintendo's required screen. Most of Wii U's interface architecture is designed around the screen, even though most of the popular games do not require it to be used. It's just in the way, and should've been optional from the start, even though users claim it to be a good controller to use despite its looks.

They should've waited and released a more powerful console rather than trying to be the earlybird which made Xbox into a success. I also think the Xbox may have rushed a bit, seeing as it fails at delivering full HD right off the bat. Games will only become more demanding from this point on. People have adopted 1080p on a large scale now, and that's what people wanted to update their consoles for. It's not that the old consoles aren't fun to play today, and why go next-gen (i.e. current-gen) if it's all the same?

I think the best bet for Nintendo is to somehow make a new console similar to Wii U, that allows for some kind of compatibility with the Wii U to not alienate their core fans completely. Although, I doubt that they will do this. They will continue to do their own thing, as they have never really listened to their fans. They have been the oddball since the days of the GameBoy, but this time it didn't pan out as expected.

As a final note, I have both a Wii U and a 3DS XL, and while I do love the 3DS and think it's a great system, I find myself playing my PS3 a lot more than Wii U lately. Sure, if you didn't have a Wii, the Wii U lets you play the old library as well, but if you did play the Wii, there's nothing new out on the Wii U yet. Nintendo has a lot of money to go on, but how much of a loss should they take for the sake of their own honour? They care more about their honour and not calling the system a failure than what their fans might think if they abandoned it.


blitz06231554d ago

This journalist should scrap his career

XiSasukeUchiha1554d ago


As least it still second and still beating 1 though, the fight shall continue on the next episode of Clickbaits!

Theyellowflash301554d ago

The Successful launch of the Xbox One? LOL what? As they lay-off thousands of staff, drop the price and Kinect because nobody was buying it, and have a severe lack of quality first party titles.

No he doesn't make solid points, and he fails to compare what is going on with other console makers. He seems clueless to be honest, and regurgitates the same bullshit COUNTLESS other idiot writers have said.

He ignores the fact that the Wii U is actually profitable now. He ignores the fact that Wii U sales are drastically up in all regions from 2013. He ignores the fact that Mario Kart 8 is one of the best if not the best selling next gen exclusive right now, and he ignores the fact that Nitnendo has invested a huge amount of money into the Amiibo line, scaping the system right now would be the WORST thing to do.

It would KILL consumer confidence in your product. Nintendo just had some great NPD results, a great E3, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, and Smash Bros are coming this year.

This is an idiot writer with a bunch of tired rehashed points looking for hits. This article should have been written a year ago.

choujij1554d ago


Exactly. Sega learned the hard way that simply scrapping your machine is not the way to build consumer trust.

Concertoine1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

I don't think theyre keeping the system out of "honor". I think they're keeping it because if they scrapped it, EVERY game in development for it now and the millions invested in them willl all be for naught. Also, to abandon close to 7 million customers is suicide (see Sega), then to release a new console, competitive power or not, several years into the generation when the Xbox One and PS4 now share 100% of the audience? I know i speak for a lot of people when i say i would not buy a successor system if Nintendo dropped me, a loyal customer and Wii U owner, in the grease.

They aren't doing it out of honor, they're doing it because they can't afford to shit on their customers and cancel dozens of games, and in that sense they don't have much of a choice. The system is no doubt making them money now that they arent selling for a loss and MK8 just came out... so why now of all times anyway?

@your second comment.

I feel like you're mistaken when you say they won't admit it. Iwata has said numerous times that he feels at fault, bigwigs from the company like Reggie and Miyamoto will regularly admit that they f***ed up as a company. I think you're mistaking support for a product they know they cant abandon with not admitting failure, because really they're doing both and working to change the latter. Also you say they are operating at a loss, but logic dictates that since the Wii U has been selling both well and for a profit for the first time in years, that they will be making money for the first time in years, too. I find it strange you are someone who bought the system for 300 bucks, yet you want them to shaft you and release a successor console destined for failure as well.

ichizon1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )


You seemed to be replying to me, so here goes.

I was indicating that the PS4 had a successful launch and threw the Xbox One in there in parentheses because they are selling a lot more than the Wii U according to VGCharts, and it hasn't been released across all markets yet. They backtracked on their DRM and Kinect stuff, which is why they faced issues in the first place, but at least they did backtrack on these issues instead of sticking to it, which might very well have saved the console. I mentioned that I think it's suspect that the console does not handle 1080p that well.

The writer mentions the loss reported in May of this year, so I don't know how he would've written this article a year ago, although the same pessimism has been around for a long time, yes. None of this is news per se, but this was posted as an opinion article. A lot of articles on N4G are not news articles.

Arguing for MK8 and their 1st party exclusives as system sellers just verifies what was written. They should focus on software and not hardware. Not that I personally agree on that sentiment - I like having Nintendo around for both their handhelds and consoles - but they are operating at a loss because of the poor Wii U performance. People are hoping it will pick up like the 3DS did, but time is passing by, and the PS4 is already engulfing the Wii U. Many Wii U owners will probably have a PS4 in addition, keeping the Wii U around for the exclusives. I doubt that there are any console gamers that only have a Wii U in front of their TV.

Commenting on the statement made by XiNarutoUzumaki#1.1.1

Sega is at least seeing profits right now even though it has made some janky games in recent years. I doubt that Andrea Tse is sitting there and thinking: "Hey, I have this great idea! Nintendo should just stop making consoles since the Wii U has been selling poorly recently." She reports on a very simple market analysis and statements made by Nintendo right now, not looking specifically at MK8 sales and future potential for upcoming titles.

Tech analyst Richard Windsor shares his personal opinion of the current situation, that Nintendo makes awesome games, but perhaps their latest console venture was not very successful. And Nintendo won't admit it. He also mentions Japan's traditional corporate ways near the end, which is all true.

I don't get why so many people are so upset by this article. It's objective from the reporter's standpoint, but shares the subjective views of analysts. Does the negative outlook surprise anyone at this point?

Editing my comment for Concertoine#1.1.10

I think it's a mix of both. They are still investing a lot in the Wii U and 3DS, with upcoming features and exclusive games. They don't want to admit that it's a failure outright, but have been reporting bad sales and trying to fix it by using more money rather than abandoning it. They don't have to spend all that money, but it would seem they feel obligated to. No one is asking them to stop selling the Wii U and just scrap all ongoing projects for it, but they are taking a risk in producing new projects for the system. MK8 would sell well on any system, not just the Wii U. It sells systems because people love the game, and people are now having a positive outlook on the system's future. Perhaps it manages to pick itself up, but it's running on borrowed time.

ichizon1554d ago

@Concertoine#1.1.10 again for the new edit, as I reached my character limit.

I don't want them to shaft me. I am arguing from an objective standpoint for Nintendo and commenting on what was written in the article. Personally, gamers don't want them to fail. Just look at these very comments and votes. Any article discussing the profitability of a console they bought, there will be a bunch of wishful thinking. Perhaps they will turn a profit this year, perhaps not.

I don't think they should release a separate successor console, because it won't sell in the light of the Wii U situation. I was mentioning that something along the lines of 3DS XL to the original 3DS would be a good move, abandoning the screen as a necessary peripheral and possibly supporting higher hardware requirements for certain titles, while less demanding titles would be available for both consoles. Anyway, this is just my own suggestion made in hindsight. It's not like it's going to happen, and it was supposed to be a minor digression in my comment.

Neither Miyamoto or Reggie admit that they messed up with the Wii U. They are always staying positive, asking people to wait for the next big title. The bigwigs in Japan took a symbolic pay cut because Nintendo as a company has been doing bad, and this is common to do in Japan. They are only apologetic for the delays in getting their promised software out when it comes to the Wii U, and this was the case for the 3DS as well, which caused them to launch the ambassador program.

randomass1711554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

@ichizon Actually Miyamoto did talk a bit about Wii U's low performance. I did a google search and this came up.
Reggie is kind of overly corporate. I think his job is basically to paint Nintendo in a positive light no matter what the situation is. But you are right, more work needs to be done to make Wii U at least relevant and profitable and IMO they are releasing enough games to entice people. E3 definitely helped them out as well.

Theyellowflash301554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )


Nintendo has admitted multiple times they had issues and problems with Wii U.

And just like the idiot writer, you seem to be igorning my points, in order to regurgiate your BS.





New systems take years and money to make. Nintendo can't just DITCH a product that is making MONEY for them. They have a whole product line of Amiibo coming out. Games have been in development for years on the system. It is the TOP 8 gen home console in Japan, WHY would they KILL it? THEY ARE a FU**ing Japanese company.

YOU are wrong, plain and simple, you and this idiot writer do not understand business. You let he media sway your OPINION and don't look at NINTENDO's forecast for THIS YEAR.

Its about PROFIT, not OVERALL console sales, and this year NINTENDO WILL PROFIT and fans are buying Wii U games like crazy on the eShop.

Smash, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, and more to come. NINTNENDO would be IDIOTIC to "scrap" the Wii U at this point. It would KILL consumer confidence.

Seriously, I'm glad idiot writers and N4G users don't run Nintendo.

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thezeldadoth1554d ago

yeah scrap the console with the most exclusives and highest rated exclusives. gamers are destroying their own hobby

deafdani1554d ago

This article wasn't written by a gamer, though. Just someone writing under a purely business point of view (which is still wrong on many levels).


BullyMangler1554d ago

awwww . .sounds like the author of this article is butthurt/envious at the FACT that a wiiU offer higher quality, more challenging games than a ps4 and xB1 combined.

it must suck to be a sony and microsoft fanpie in Nintendos world. :(:

Beastforlifenoob1554d ago

Whatever makes you sleep at night mate.

Magicite1554d ago

Nintendo wont scrap WiiU thats for certain.
Its gonna probably sell somewhere between NES and SNES.
And Im pretty sure Nintendo will enter next-gen first.

I dont defend them and Ive never owned their systems, but they are doing a good job, lets see how they fare next year, when the true battle for current gen will begin.

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theizzzeee1554d ago

The internet should scrap so called journalists like this.

TedCruzsTaint1554d ago

I honestly tried to give it a chance. Figured they might raise a number of interesting points to at least justify such an opinion.
Wasn't the case though. The thing is filled with logical fallacies and either bias-driven, or simply misinformed reasoning.
Such as insisting that it can't cater to the casual market because it isn't cheap enough (well, what was the Wii then?), as well as saying it can't cater to the hardcore simply because of its performance. I mean, really?

TedCruzsTaint1554d ago

It's the only platform with a worthwhile list of exclusives. As a PC gamer specifically, it's really the only current-gen console I'm sticking with for the next few years.

crusf1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Nintendo has already saved the Wii U with what they showed at E3 and Mk8 sales. These articles are no longer needed on this site and serve no purpose but to get ad revenue from users like LOL_WUT.
EDIT:And Killzoner99 apparently.

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