PS4 Firmware Update Details Right Around the Corner

Push Square: "While primary competitor Microsoft has been busy updating the Xbox One on a monthly basis, Sony has been much slower with firmware updates for the PlayStation 4. One could argue that the Japanese giant’s system deployed in a much sturdier state than the Xbox One, but with the latter now getting 3D Blu-ray support among other key features, there’s no doubt that the PlayStation maker is starting to fall behind."

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Majin-vegeta1553d ago

Something Ive noticed when they mention news about updates.They either start releasing news in the same week or the following week.I.hope this updates brings many goodies.

xtremeimport1553d ago

I just think its funny.

ps3 received updates all the time and people complained about "every time i turn on my ps3 is has to update"

Now they release bigger updates slower, people complaining they aren't updating enough.

People will always find something to complain about..

PsyMonk3y1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Lol ps3 players didn't complain about too many updates infact they complained there wasn't enough!

The biggest issue ps3 players had with firmware updates on the ps3 was the slow release of new features as most updates took months and either were just stability updates or features nobody asked for like a photo album! lol

Now ps4 firmware updates are going the same way months between each update and mostly just stability updates lacking in features.

wsoutlaw871553d ago

ya i remember reading all the complaints about all the fw updates. It didnt help that they brought small changes too.

fr0sty1553d ago

The biggest problem with the PS3 updates, most of them were "fixes stability issues" or "improves system performance" only, without actual features on the user-end being added. Add (at the time) slow download speeds to not getting new features, and the updates became a chore with no noticeable payoff most of the time.

Prime1571553d ago

I think the biggest issue with PS3 updates was that your PS3 couldn't do anything while updating.

With the automatic downloads that PS4 has, smaller and more wouldn't be a bad thing.

Honestly, though, I like the big updates more as the change is more noticeable.

chazjamie1552d ago

Because the ps 4 is lacking in so many features. It's stripped down , bares to the bone. The fact that I can't change my background let alone play a damn song pisses me off. So yeah I look forward to the updates hoping that sony doesn't fuck up it up take more shit away. Btw. The ps 3 took forever to update. That's why nobody wanted to update it.

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XiSasukeUchiha1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Just the playback is all I really want!


It's called Rinnegan bro nuff said.

TheUberAsian1553d ago

Now I get how you comment so early!! lol

TearsOfARapper1553d ago

There's a reason you have so many immediate, early comments, but still only have one bubble.

TheUberAsian1553d ago

Lol... Why did you put @N4G, when I was commenting at you?

SaffronCurse1553d ago

C'mon guys, be nice to Sasuke.

XisThatKid1553d ago

Sasuke is on my top 5 most hated anime chars so....

Jaqen_Hghar1553d ago

Sasuke sucks Itachi had it right!

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jebabcock1553d ago

Personally I find humor in this. I wish he had more bubbles. It's entertaining.

fr0sty1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

It's kinda sad, that someone has such a lack of a social life that they spend their time in the submitted articles section waiting for new articles to pop up so they can toss in some worthless comment as a placeholder and then edit in more garbage later. It's nothing more than a glorified version of saying "first!"... and the fact that someone is willing to devote so much of their time to achieving that shows they are living out a pretty hollow existence.

Quit wasting your time annoying people, go do something positive. You'll end up a better person in the end.

Deano73941553d ago

@fr0sty It's pretty sad that you care what he does with his life. The only people getting annoyed by him are losers who don't know how to scroll down the page or don't know how to ignore someone. And don't act like you know what he does with life, I doubt you know him in real life.

DarXyde1553d ago


Honestly, why do you care what he does? Neither you nor I know his situation. For all you know, he's a minor who's forced to stay indoors.

If you find his comments annoying, you can literally see his username or avatar and skip right over his comment. He only has ONE per article. If it bothers you so much what someone does with their life on the internet, you care too much. His comments are often ambivalent and short on content, but at least it isn't one word and actually has some relevance to the article.

How he spends his time is none of your business or mine.

PaleMoonDeath1552d ago

Nothing personal, I'm simply just a Dragon Ball kind of guy.

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hardeepmeghera1553d ago

Naruto should be here any minute now. Waiit for it...

mwjw6961553d ago

You mean XiSasukeUchiha other account... I swear that guy has split personality disorder the way he talks to himself.

hardeepmeghera1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Exactly, It gets even more hilarious when one agrees with the other when everyone else on the thread feels otherwise.

XtraTrstrL1553d ago

They are sitting on high laurels cuz the PS4 Love/X1 Hate going on. There's no getting around the lack of features and broken current features though. The video saving needs to work 100% of the time, even in crappy unoptimized games that overuse the CPU like COD Ghosts where it works the least.

The mp3 player/media server support not being here still is beyond a crime. I've said it a million times, it's clear as to why we still don't have these 2 - they want more time to lock frustrated customers into Music/Video Unlimited subscriptions while there's no other choice.

That's one thing I'm upset with Yoshida about, I feel he was being dishonest when he first started responding to the mp3 player/media server outcry. He was acting as if he didn't realize so many people would be so hype for these things, yet Music/Video Unlimited were integrated flawlessly from day 1. So, it's not that hard to add it up, they borrowed an Xbox move and put mp3 playing and video watching behind a paywall.

Then to calm us down, every 6 months Yoshida pops his head out to say, "Don't worry, we are working hard on an mp3 app and media support." Then, there's never any news of progress on them, even though these are 2 of the easiest, quickest things to get done. Whatever, I just would rather play my PS3 because I want to, not resorting to it because I have to to stream a movie from my PC to the big TV.

Bennibop1553d ago

How do you know how easy or quick it is to add support for MP3 etc? Admittedly it is my biggest gripe with PS4 at the moment regards missing features especially 3d blu ray and suspend feature but the first few years of PS3 everyone moaned that there were to many firmware updates. I would happy if we got an update quarterly as long as we knew what features will be included.

Muzikguy1553d ago

I agree with you on what Yoshida has been doing. It's annoying and pathetic. He can't think we are that stupid. I'm hoping for DLNA, custom audio playback, and customization of the home screen.

I'm no programmer and even I agree with Xtra here. MP3 playback has been done for 20 years now. It's nothing new and isn't that hard to implement. Even if it was, it was already in the PS3 so get it in the PS4. That's how I feel about it

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