Have Let’s Plays And Gameplay Videos Made Reviews Useless?

EGMR writes: "It’s become a common opinion around the internet with many gamers that reviews aren’t helpful enough when it comes to making a purchasing decision. I’ve observed numerous gamers state that they would much prefer to watch a Let’s Play or a substantial amount of recorded gameplay footage when deciding on a game, while others rely on word of mouth, select individuals or alternative methods. Obviously as a game reviewer myself this is a subject that has fascinated me and, because I’m a relatively open-minded person and I accept that when things change in this digital age one must learn to adapt otherwise be left behind, I’ve wondered what the issues and implications surrounding this are. After spending some time reading general feedback to reviews and discussions surrounding how people deal with reviews in general, I’ve opted to interpret that and draw my own conclusions which I’ll present in one (hopefully) coherent piece. This can be considered an extension of my last opinion on reviews."

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx1549d ago

Lets plays and Gameplay won't make reviews useless.
Reviews are what I usually watch/read before I make a decision of purchase, I can't watch "let's plays" but even gameplay videos won't sway me. I like to review content myself and it's important to me to look at other peoples opinions.
"Let's plays" I would always stay away from especially if you don't wan to spoil huge plot-points in the game, that once spoiled you may not even want the game anymore. Reviews are more thought out of what is presented but also not hiding anything.
I also do agree with the author that the the scoring for reviewing is flawed. Most people look at a game with a 70 and they already think it's a bad game. That's more of a community issue though, not a reviewer issue. Many games that averaged around 70s on metacritic were actually good games that I would replay like Dante's Inferno, Mafia 2, and Wolfenstine for the ps3. 70 does not mean the end of the world, but for some people it does.