Breaking the Threshold with Windows OneCore: a modern UI framework that works across all devices

It seems that MS is getting closer to merging all of their platforms together and it may be called OneCore. OneCore will be a kernel used by all MS platforms which include: Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox.

What this means is that if an app is developed for one platform it can work for all platforms under one price.

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XiSasukeUchiha1732d ago

Onecore oh boy the excitement is coming!

ZodTheRipper1732d ago

Excitement? Over the continuation of a software monopoly? If there's anything I'm excited about it's SteamOS´and it's open source approach. I've had enough of Windows, seriously.

Ogygian1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

So PC users are now going to be lucky enough to experience the same UI as a mobile phone. Great.

How stupid can they be? The UI for a 22 inch screen used with mouse and keyboard is naturally going to be very different to that used in a 5 inch screen to be used with a touchscreen.

I don't really see any benefit to this beyond seeming cool and trendy and cutting costs through combining development teams, both of which have no benefit to the consumer. PC gamers don't want apps made for phones. We should be reviling Microsoft for this.

I guess people are going to have to shift to Mac or finally give in and follow Valve in migrating to Linux.

JBSleek1732d ago

Having the same kernel doesn't mean the same UI. It just means that they are using the same tools and can be ported very easily.

It's the same thing you are seeing in OSx Yosemite and iOS8 or Andriod and Chrome OS. Companies want continuity but that doesn't mean the UI is the same.

Ogygian1732d ago

"The XAML team is building the UI framework at the core of the 'One Microsoft' OS"

Does this not strongly imply that there's going to be a unified user interface? Same UI framework, similar UI?

STK0261732d ago

I think they are talking about what happens under the hood. As in, creating apps that will work with Windows, Windows RT and Windows Phone. But the UI itself would still be adapted to whichever device you install windows on.

Roccetarius1732d ago

If Microsoft creates another shocker, that is Win 8, then that's just ignoring basic feedback from people not wanting Phone or Tablet UI on their PC.

It wouldn't surprise me, honestly.

turdburgler10801732d ago

Pics of the new desktop clearly show a return to start button and many features folks were upset about losing on Windows 8. It won't be like Windows 8 which wasn't really bad if you had a touch screen. Problem was most folks didn't.

MajorGecko1732d ago

i wonder how long it takes before microsoft drops this and starts working on something "new and innovative".

Dudebro901732d ago

What are you even babbling about?

MajorGecko1732d ago

im babbling about Zune, Xbox Entertainment, Windows Phones, Kinect, Windows Media Player intergration with xbox, MSN Messenger.

If you have actually been using Microsoft products for the past few years you would know that they only support their product 2-3 years down the line and if they aren't better then the competition they GIVE UP.

Dewitt1732d ago

Gecko stop trolling, this is the unified compile software that they have been talking about the last few years. All they are saying is that when you develop for one platform, it seemingly allows to develop simultaneously for your Windows Phone, Surface, Win8, and Xbox One. It will make things alot easy for developers to develop apps across multiple platforms without have to script them separately.

Dudebro901732d ago

Windows phones still going...4 years now.

Kinect is still going...just because its unbundled doesnt mean its dead. And im pretty sure you were one of the people who asked them to kill it. Could be wrong.

Windows Media player integration was "killed" because now its all done through the cloud or DLNA. I can transfer my entire music collection via DLNA the same way Media PLayer did.

MSN Messenger along with 95% of all other messaging services are now dead. So come are knit picking

Funantic11732d ago

You mean like the PS move?

MajorGecko1732d ago

im not trolling i have just been burned my microsoft one to many times

Yetter1732d ago

really? Burned by ms? examples?

koliosis1732d ago

Yes!!! Finally the rock has come back!!!

shaenoide1732d ago

they said the same thing about Metro and windows 8 :/

JBSleek1732d ago

No they didn't. They have similar UI but not the same framework and thanks to OneCore they will also have universal apps and a unified marketplace.

shaenoide1731d ago

I hope you are right. I still have headaches about windows 8 32 bits RT, windows 8 64 bits RT, windows 8 pro, etc :)

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