Rebellion Taking Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army To PS4 & XB1

In our interview with Rebellion we talked about Sniper Elite 3 and much more; they also confirmed Nazi Zombie Army for next gen consoles.

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Imp0ssibl31551d ago

Personally I can't get enough of zombies!

tee_bag2421551d ago

These are a is a good spin off series. I've played these titles alot. Enjoy

ccgr1551d ago

can't wait to see it on PS4!

hafitz1551d ago

Another last gen game on PC being brought to PS4\XboxOne, the last time I remember it was Call Of Duty 2 and Max Payne.

nucky641551d ago

and pc is still waiting on GTAV....even though last gen console players have had it for a LONG time.
see - anyone can bring up this kind of stuff - even though none of it matters.

ON TOPIC - honestly, I've never heard of "Nazi zombie army".....but, Nazi zombies?.....sounds fun.

hafitz1543d ago

already played gta 5 on's ok though...not that great visually...

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