Dance Central Spotlight launches Sept. 2 on Xbox One for $9.99

Polygon :

"Dance Central Spotlight, the latest entry in Harmonix Music System's motion-controlled music franchise, will be released Sept. 2 on Xbox One, the studio announced today."

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JBSleek1643d ago

Nice. Defiantly picking this up when it comes out.

JBSleek1643d ago

Exactly. Also great game for when friends come over.

MasterChief36241643d ago

What is so defiant about you picking it up when it comes out?

Kribwalker1643d ago

It's called PSN4G. That is why it's defiant.

Anyways, pretty awesome they are gonna include songs from previous games you purchased for free aswell...I've bought all three of them and other songs, so that's pretty sweet

christocolus1643d ago

The price is spot on. Will be picking it up definitly.. Halo mcc for $60 and dc for $10 seem very well priced. Nice MS.

JBSleek1643d ago

This holiday MS seems poised to kill it.

gamerfan09091643d ago

I'm not really into games like this, but I'll probably pick it up for the girlfriend and see if she likes it. Far more excited for Fantasia.

Clown_Syndr0me1643d ago

My GF loves Just Dance so will be getting this. But the price kinda indicates it will have very little content and tonnes of micro transactions, probably making it very expensive in the end?

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Dlacy13g1643d ago

Well I can honestly say I didn't see that price coming.

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