Why every game genre we use is wrong

Videogames are fairly unique in the media landscape – where other entertainment formats categorise their works by classification of theme or content, videogames apply genre to the mechanics they consist of. But is this the most effective way of grouping games? What are the alternatives?

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thorstein1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Who is we? And why are you using them wrong? They are pretty easy to figure out. Most people who have taken a freshmen high school English class learns about genres.

Genre - a type of artistic composition.

How isn't a Fantasy RPG and a Sci Fi RPG a genre? And why not differentiate between the various Sci Fi games: such as action, adventure, shooter...

I'm not sure that word means what you think it does.

gamesTM_dom1731d ago

I won't lie, the title has changed from how this article originally appeared in the print magazine (which carried the much less inciting The Problem With Games Genres)

But my point remains the same: we haven't got a single way of classifying games - some are done by mechanic, some by narrative content, some by theme (because what, really, constitutes a 'horror' game?)

I'm not trying to call everyone an idiot or anything, just provide a platform for discussion. Thanks for your feedback, though!

uth111731d ago

Defining too many genres isn't helpful either.

When I look at the many music genres people have defined over the years, I couldn't tell you what half of them sound like or what distinguishes them from other similar-sounding genres

ExiledBlitz1731d ago

I have issues with film genres too. There are some genres that refer to a setting like Western, Fantasy or Sci-Fi, and others that apply to the nature of the narrative like Drama, Action or Comedy. In my eyes, the latter is a true genre as it is based on the fundamental execution of the source material. To me, there is no "Sci-Fi" or "Fantasy". Alien is a horror film. Aliens is an action film. Star Wars is an epic as is The Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter is an adventure/mystery series.

I think defining genres are difficult with any medium. Because it's art, there's no academic group to enforce an objective system.

PiNkFaIrYbOi1731d ago

Why change it, especially if there isn't a better alternative that most can agree about at least.