Eurogamer: Uncharted 4 is pushing for 1080p60 on PlayStation 4

Eurogamer: "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End will be aiming for 1080p60 in-game, with Naughty Dog saying it's become an objective for all of its PlayStation 4 titles.

The Last of Us: Remastered, a retooling of last year's post-apocalyptic PlayStation 3 game, is Naughty Dog's first game on the current generation, and it maintains a steady 60fps while outputting at 1080p - what's set to be the benchmark for the developer in the future."

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allformats1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

And that, my friends, should be the standard for all next-gen games... And another reason why PS4 should be the console of choice for every gamer, because it's the only console that can consistently push 1080p/60fps and beyond.

JBSleek1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

And beyond?


Also 1080p/60fps has been a standard for "next gen" games for years now. Over five years. Now it's a standard because consoles finally decided to join the club in 2013?

bicfitness1552d ago

lol I see that some folks still believe that 4K games are possible on these machines. I doubt next-gen (PS5/ X2) will even hit that. "Sub-4K" will be the new buzz word.

Ballsack1552d ago

Agreed should be standard

Not random 900p etc of certain other games

blitz06231552d ago

If ND is able to achieve 1080/60 with Uncharted 4, there's almost no excuse to not be able to do this with every game (except maybe if it's open world like inFamous/Watch Dogs). Granted ND is one of the best devs out there, I don't see them sacrificing graphical fidelity just so they can push 1080/60. The Uncharted series has always been IMO the best looking series on the PS3 and if it can hit 1080/60 on the PS4 then I expect most future games to be able to do so too. Would also be nice to have a lock 30fps option like TLoU for those who prefer it though.

TomShoe1552d ago

Everyone's face when they see the graphics:

Why o why1552d ago

I wish I could play uncharted and tlou on my pc . . . . . . .

That's right. Let's compare consoles to consoles. PC's are in their own league and that league doesn't have the games consoles do

Ezz20131552d ago


why did you bring PC into a Consoles article ..Again ?!

ND is Console Developers only
and 1080p/60FPS is not standard for consoles
and this article is onlt talking about ps4
no one is talking about PC here

JBSleek1552d ago Show
johndoe112111552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )


He can't help it. He constantly brings up PC arguments in console topics. That's what I was trying to explain to you yesterday.

The term next gen does not belong in a pc conversation. Pc's do not have "generations" because of their up-gradable architecture. When ever we speak of next-gen it is understood we are talking about consoles. He is fully aware of this. He does not care.


" PC gaming is a gaming platform thus can be compared to consoles."
and this here people is the definition of "ignorance". An airplane is a means of transport therefore it can be compared to a motorbike.

Detoxx1552d ago

And that's why the PS4 is my last console ever, I want 120FPS 4K gaming!

disKinected1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )


Well said mate. Since his preferred console is weaker to ps4, he constantly feels this urge to downplay ps4 somehow, and he does that by bringing PC into the conversation. Always present in ps4 articles spewing rubbish about how pc does this, does that etc. I mean, even a blind person will be aware that PC will always be superior to consoles because its upgradeable. Why repeat the same thing over and over and over?
Next time he brings PC into a console article, just mark his comment off topic and bubble him down. That'll teach him a lesson.

make721552d ago

2 days ago i bought wolfenstein neworder from steam because it was 50% off.I have 2 gaming pc:s.First one with i5 4670k gtx780 game was fine stable 60 fps but the second one with i5 4570 2x760 sli it was fucking lag shit.The second pc i use to play games in tv.I quess gpu:s under 3gb gddr5 running out vram against next generation time i pay more and get ps4 version,i dont wanna waste time for finding playeble pc graphic settings.

rawz1552d ago

Someone is desperate to play TLOU: Remastered and Uncharted 4 on their PC.

Swallow your pride and go buy a PS4 if you want to play those games so badly JB. Then there is no need to justify the superiority of PC.

MasterCornholio1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )


Wow your so right about that. And since he can't make the PS4 look bad by claiming that's its weaker than the Xbox One he compares it to PC. No one in N4G disputes the fact that PCs are more powerful which is why its easy to identify him as a fraud with his comment.

We all know that PC is more powerful we have all accepted that. But what we won't accept is people choosing to compare the PS4 with a gaming PC since they are not even similar on price point or functionality. It's much better to compare it to other consoles like Xbox One and the Wii U.


"Then there is no need to justify the superiority of PC."

Exactly. This is something that everyone knows and accepts. JBsleek assumes that N4G is filled with a bunch of morons that dont know that and he feels its his duty to educate the posters here. But what he really doesn't want to do is educate people on the hardware differences between the three consoles because his preferred system is weaker than the most powerful one. So instead in order to get over his frustration he compares the most powerful console to a PC in order to bash it.

He just has to accept that the PS4 is the most powerful next gen console and that there are many reasons why people choose to game on consoles instead of PCs. He also has to learn to respect other peoples preferences as well. If he did that then his comments wouldn't be so problematic in N4G.

JBsleek it really isn't difficult to respect other peoples preferences in gaming. Its OK if you dont agree with them but its not OK to constantly bash their favorite system. I own a PS4 and I really dont game on PC but I respect people who game on PC, Xbox and Nintendo systems.

XB1_PS41552d ago

4k is not going to happen for a long time. 2k is the next step. 2560x1440p

user74029311552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

i think jbsleek is a xbox one fanboy in disguise as a pc fanboy. he always downplays ps4n any way he can poisoning the thread...yet doesn't do anything or call out the xbox one eve he knows he cant troll ps4 with xbox one so he uses pc. rag on ps4, praise xbox one.

:p "!!!


dcj05241552d ago

Well, yeah pretty much. 1080p 60FPS has been available for at least a decade but most games didn't advantage of that because most gamers rigs/consoles weren't capable of that until 2007-8.

Rob_Ko1552d ago

your pc fanboism got really boring a while ago.

XB1_PS41552d ago

@ Rob, this site is stuffed full of fanboys. His comment is slightly fanboyish. It's nothing compared to what PS4 fanboys come up with.

Xsilver1552d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

I see (highEND) PC gamers as the minority of people who own sport cars while the majority of the world drives standard cars and what do People with sports cars do all the time?..........BRAG same way Highend PC gamers brag about 4k, now tell me if i payed a allot of money for something that i wanted that suited me should tell everyone else to do the same when they found something that suited them who am i to tell everyone to do the same now some might find this hard to believe but people have different preferences i know mind blowing right? :/ But once again that's not my business and for the love of GOD some of the best games are on console accept it.

Hellsvacancy1551d ago

DirtyPimp has got it right, it's funny how he constantly downplays Sony and any console related to Sony yet he's got a XB1

He's just a sad Sony hater

NewMonday1551d ago


many PC games run like crap no matter the how much power the GPU has, paying $1000 just to have a handful of games optimally is not worth it.

DevilOgreFish1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )


many PC games run like crap no matter the how much power the GPU has, paying $1000 just to have a handful of games optimally is not worth it."

Lies, I have 200 games on my PC, and all of them run can at 1080p+ 60 fps+.

from the mass effect trilogy to the dead space trilogy, to the Bioshock trilogy, to the lost planet trilogy, to the Crysis trilogy to the Battlefield collection (including Bf4), to the Splinter Cell collection, to the assassin's creed collection, castlevania lords of shadow 1 and 2, to the wolfenstein collection and even watch goes on.

my rig will sustain 1080p 60 fps long when the true next generation of consoles comes out.

AndrewLB1551d ago

Blitz- For the 100th time, the trailer you saw was pre-rendered cutscene played on a PS4 and recorded in-engine.

The game will look nothing like the trailer. Sorry bud.

LocutusEstBorg1551d ago

Sorry but 1080p/120fps has benn the standard since nVidia 3D Vision came out in 2008.

AndrewLB1551d ago

XB1-PS4: Just to let you know, 2k is not 2560x1440. It's 2048x1080.

2560x1440 (Quad HD) has 3,680,000 pixels, almost double what 1080p can display.

And good luck with running 2560x1440 with the PS4's HD7850 equivalent graphics power. Anything over 1080p will be a serious struggle even on medium-high settings.

thehitman1551d ago

1080p/60fps was not the standard and is still not even the standard even for PC games. The PC equivalents to console games like bf4 and cod dont even run at 60 fps on highest settings on an average PC gamers rig. Only people with like 300-400 gfx cards can push those settings and thats almost the cost of the consoles themselves. Then to add not even all games push settings that far because the big budget games are mostly on consoles so most of Sony games still out perform PCs.

starchild1551d ago


Let's see. I spent $400 for my PS4, whereas I only spent $300 this generation on my PC to upgrade to a GTX 770.

So I spent less on my gaming PC than I did on my PS4. However, even if you build a PC from scratch it's not nearly as expensive as many of you make it out to be. $600 today could build you a very capable gaming PC.

I can say for a fact that 1080p+ and 60fps+ is definitely the "standard" for the majority of PC gamers that actually care enough about games to talk about them on game sites.

I love my PS4, but there is no doubt that my PC beats my PS4 in every multiplat, including Battlefield 4, AC4, Watch Dogs, Thief, and Bound by Flame.

gobluesamg1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

@JB. You know there is a PC tab at the top of this site right? Just click on that and it will take you to articles about PC gaming. I know, I know, it's a hard concept to grasp. Do us all a favor and go battle it out with the rest of the PC master race and leave all of us console peasants here.

chrisarsenalsavart1551d ago

Jbsneek(see what I did there)
Everybody knows your just another fantroll.

Don't believe me?
Jbsleek started
To appear on pretty much every single ps4 articles dissing the machine by comparing it to pc gaming rig.
But if you go on an xbox1 article like"Xbox1 from zero to must have console", you ll see his true colors.
I don't mind which machine you prefer, but at least be straight with people.

chrisarsenalsavart1551d ago

I just read an x1 article with a jbsneek comment on it praising xbox1 and the great games on it.
So which one is it???

r2oB1551d ago

@ JBSleek

So you want to call out PS4 gamers? How about you get called out, on your BS drivel. First off, there is nothing standard about PC gaming, the very concept of having different levels of GPU performance goes against the definition of standard. Do you even know the definition of standard? Just because a small percentage of PC gamers were able to run demanding games at 1080p/60fps in 2008 doesn't make it a standard. So no, 1080p/60fps was not "standard" in 2008. It still isn't standard to this day on a $400 PC. So until you can show me a $400 PC that can output better graphics than a PS4, how about you STFU with your poor attempt to downplay consoles. Because guess what, graphics matter, but so does value. The PS4 is great value for its technical fidelity.

PS4 gamers compare their console to another similarly priced console, and the you have ignorant PC elilist that want to compare the PS4 to a PC that costs twice (possibly more) as much. How about you not be a simpleton and make fair comparisons. Show me some comparisons with that $400 PC.

Welcome to common sense and logic.

TheDevKit1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )


I payed $600 for my PC, have over a hundred games in my library, and many of them play at both 1080p and 60 fps. I'm fine with preference, but don't spread misinformation.

its_JEFF1551d ago


He brought up Consoles Vs. PC, because us "Console Peasants" should know our place and should NEVER praise any console game for it's "graphics" because we all know that said game would look better if it were on PC. We should also never bring up 1080/60 cause that is "so last-gen".

Some of you guys are just too much. Does it really matter if you can run DOTA, League, The Stanley Parable, Gone Home, Don't Starve, Proteus, Antichamber, Steamworld Dig, Rogue Legacy, Papers Please, Stick it to the Man... the great games of 2013 @ 4K?

ShinMaster1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

@ JBSleek

Just because you could run older games in 1080p and 60fps, doesn't mean they were next gen games, ya PC supremacist troll.

PC fanboys are the worst. You only say PS4 fans are because PS4 is the more powerful console and it bugs you when people praise how good a game looks. Stop being so insecure.

Here's the problem with you people.
If a console game is not 1080p and 60fps, you people make fun of it and talk about how underpowered consoles are.
And if a console game IS 1080p and 60fps, you still make fun of console gamers because games should've been like that years ago according to you.

Give me a break, you graphics Nazi. You're acting like no one should be allowed to be excited about a game and praise they way it looks because it's not a PC game running at higher frame rate and resolution. That's not all it takes for a game to look good, believe it or not.

Sarcasm1551d ago


You guys argue all you want.

Even if Uncharted 4 was 720p/30fps and looked the way it did. I'm buying that ish day one.

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Buzz7S1552d ago

How about that Destiny game? 30fps was it?

Another "gamer", deciding what game to play based on visuals and not gameplay.

bicfitness1552d ago

He's obviously being hyperbolic, and I don't agree with him at all. However, video-games are a visual medium, and it is not unreasonable to expect 1080p/ 60FPS gaming--a PC standard for YEARS now--out of this generation's Playstations and Xboxes. Especially after a 7 year hardware cycle.

What's astonishing, is that people are shouting 1080p/ 60 as if its some sort of gold-standard for gaming. Really, its the minimum we should expect in 2013/ 2014.

I_am_Batman1552d ago

@bicfitness: "However, video-games are a visual medium, and it is not unreasonable to expect 1080p/ 60FPS gaming a PC standard for YEARS now"

Wrong. There is no standard for PC gaming. You'd be surprised how many people are playing beneath what you call the standard.

And it's also not wise to demand a 60fps standard for consoles. The devs should choose for themselves how they are managing the console's recources.

joab7771552d ago

To be honest, if they couldn't hit 60 fps for single player due to the graphical push, I would be fine.

It will be interesting though to see how much better it is than TLoU remastered. And how much better will games get than next yr b/c they r not gonna b pushing anything beyond 1080/60.

ThePope1552d ago

@all formats

No the console choice for every gamer should be the one that has the games they want to play. I promise you I have enjoyed the multi plat games I've played on my X1 as much as the ones you've played on your PS4 1080 or not. So if Uncharted is 900p will you not play it? Because from the sounds of your comment you make it seem as if that’s all that matters.

OT: This article is stupid. Does any developer start development saying "guys, lets aim for 720p, come on guys we can do it". NO, of course not, hence why this is a stupid article.

mediate-this1552d ago

Look you moving the goal posts, p.c standardized 1080p/60fps like eight years ago, now you carefully place console in their. Get off your self dude.

Tlou, is pushing max settings on a old game, uc4 may not get max settings. Nd is pushing for it, didnt say the accomplished it yet. I have both systems snd as of now ps4 is not doing anything crazy, so i meed uc4 to see the powa of tha GDDR5.

Xb1, has not done anything crazy yet either, im starting to get buyers remorse with these systems. And what do you mean by push beyond?

kenshiro1001551d ago

You sound very insecure JB that you keep bringing up PC in a console article.

user56695101551d ago

1080P @ 60fps sounds great I wonder how the gfx are going to look too. It no reason why all devs shouldn't be doing this . This will give gamers smoother gameplay

aquamala1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

How's 1080p/60fps standard at all? Look at games in 2015, Bloodborne,the order, witcher 3, the crew,the division, pretty much all the demanding games are not 1080p/60fps on consoles 2 years in "next gen"

famoussasjohn1551d ago

Why limit myself to one console when I got both and I can now enjoy all of the games? Stop acting like all games are 1080P and 60FPS on the PS4 also.

Azzanation1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

1080p is years old. Standard next gen games should be 4k. Sorry to say PS4 and XB1 1080p / 60 frame games is something iv been doing for years. Consoles are way behind the 8 ball.

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ifistbrowni1552d ago

"Naughty Dog said it's become an objective for all of its PlayStation 4 titles."

Hopefully other developers make it their objective, too.

Raf1k11552d ago

Objective is fine. I don't see the need to focus on it so much though.

I feel that it should be required for some genres that need it (i.e. twitch shooters and racing games) but for games like Uncharted 30FPS is perfectly fine.

Dropping the frame-rate allows for better graphics, AI, physics etc. so as long as devs are making valid choices with good reason I'm happy with both 30FPS and 60FPS.

What I don't want is to have games running at sub-1080p resolution.

joab7771552d ago

This statement makes me wonder if this is it for this gen. Yes, optimization and tricks will be used but is U4 and 92015x the pinnacle for some time to come?

johndoe112111552d ago

I highly doubt it. The xbox one would be a nightmare to work with (maybe even impossible) if they wanted to do that because of its hardware architecture. No way will the devs make every game on the ps4 1080/60 and lower on the xbox. Apart from the fact that they will loose sales on the xbox, that will also confirm in peoples minds that the xbox is a weaker system and that would be literally screwing microsoft right out of this console gen.

BigBosss1552d ago

It's Naughty Dog, I don't see why it wouldn't ;)

masterfox1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Is Naughty Dog the masters of code optimization or what ?, I pretty much think so :P

Clunkyd1551d ago

Im pretty sure.
Just look how they optimized TLOU on ps3, not even a PC could run that with ps3 specs.

Optimization is key.