The MOBA Fad Is The WoW Fad All Over Again

An opinion column via EGMR in which the author discusses the upcoming stream of MOBA games, and why they're effectively wasting everybody's time.

Quote: "Likewise for MOBAs, the League of Legends addicts will play League of Legends and the Dota 2 addicts will play Dota 2 — with some crossplay by League of Legends addicts who inevitably concede that Dota 2 is the better and more fun offering — but other MOBA games the likes of Demigod, Heroes of Newerth and more have come and gone, and will continue to come and go without making much effort at all, whatsoever. And nobody, not EA nor Activision nor Ubisoft, will be able to change that. So they should all just quit while they’re ahead and try to craft a different game instead of trying to make more games “like” Call of Duty, or World of Warcraft, or indeed Dota 2.

It just won’t work. "

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