Kickstarter Profile: Tammeka's Radial-G

From "It's safe to say that most fans of futuristic racers considered the sub-genre dead following Sony's closure of Wipeout developer Studio Liverpool and Nintendo's refusal to revitalise F-Zero. But good things come to those who wait, a proverb that may well be fulfilled by Windows based racer Radial-G, should its Kickstarter campaign find success.

Combining the best of modern gaming technologies, Radial-G isn't only an answer to the lack of futuristic racers, but a potential next step in the sub-genre's evolution. The collective resume of its developer, Tammeka Games, cites the likes of racers Extreme-G, MotoGP and Split/Second, the MMOs Guild Wars, Aion and WildStar, and and other related experience clocking in at roughly 35 years."

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