EB Games Robbed of 5 Ps3s

Two armed men wearing black ski masks and sunglasses robbed the EB Games store at 7724 Hoke Road of five Sony PlayStation 3 video game systems about 9 p.m. Thursday, police said.

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Mr Pumblechook4441d ago

this is actually great news for ~Sony and the PS3.
it shows what a valuable product it is that criminals are willing to do time to get their hands on it.

No self-respecting criminal could be bothered with the 360!

DEIx15x84441d ago

What about the guy that just stole a Core system a few weeks ago, it was posted right here. If you want to go back to launch there were several EB Games robbed right after the shipment showed up and several people on there way home got robbed. The 360 was wanted so much that the armored truck taking the systems to X05 were attacked before the system even came out. So criminals are stealing both systems which is not a good thing for anyone. The fact that you think that thief's are a feature to prove superiority is sad and even sadder because the PS3 failed at even that.