(PSVita Exclusive) Girls & Panzer Review – Tank You Very Much | PSLS

"Underneath all the schoolgirl 'animu' tropes lies a legitimately entertaining, enjoyable game. Don’t let the school skirts and high-pitched voices fool you; this game kicks ass." -PSLS

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knifefight1554d ago

Why aren't there more tank warfare games?

Wedge191554d ago

Seems like a fairly fun tank game!

Protagonist1554d ago

Looks good, some of the screenshots kinda reminds me (to a small extent) of valkyria chronicles.

knifefight1554d ago

Visual similarities are because of anime and tanks though, it should be noted.
Both are great games, but Valkyria is a turn-based tactical RPG whereas this is purely a third-person shooter. :)

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