Naughty Dog exploring ideas for The Last of Us 2

Naughty Dog is currently exploring ideas for a sequel to The Last of Us, community strategist Arne Meyer has revealed, telling that failing to consider options for The Last of Us 2 "would be a disservice to ourselves and our fans".

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XiNarutoUzumaki1554d ago

I'd rather they make another new IP. I would welcome a sequel too, but I'm afraid The Last of Us wasn't built to last.

ArchangelMike1554d ago

"The Last of Us wasn't built to last" - that statement couldn't be more disagreeable to me.

The world of The Last of Us contains so many stories, of the different people that were affected by the outbreak. The notes, audio tapes and graffiti you find throughout the game, all point to untold stories of those who tried to survive.

Then you have the back stories of all supporting cast of characters that has not been explored. You also have the untold stories of the first years of the outbreak. Not to mention the untold story of Ellie's mother.

THC CELL1554d ago

They could make it like day z

thorstein1554d ago

The world in which it exists certainly is "built to last." Who says you have to have the same characters?

That is why I am excited about the next Mass Effect: New Leads, new characters, new story, same universe.

OpieWinston1554d ago

They can always explore different options for the storyline...Post Apocalyptic worlds like TLOU are built to last.

Story about a conflicted Hunter
Story about a Firefly
Story about two Brothers (The feels)

If they ended with Joel/Ellie like that, it's fine but if they don't explore and build on TLOU IP that's making a mistake.

We don't want Naughty Dog becoming the "Will Smith" of Gaming. (Doesn't do sequels, except on occasion)

ScottyHoss1554d ago

Ish!! :D that's a story worth playing through

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galgor1554d ago

As much as I loved the last of us, I see it as a one off classic that needs no sequel. A new IP would be welcomed, all they have to do is say its from the guys that brought you uncharted and the last of us = instant money.

Septic1554d ago

I don't think The Last of US needs a sequel. It told an epic story that left you thinking at the end of it. I'd rather they worked on a new IP. Let TLOU remain a classic.

Darkstares1554d ago

They know they can make money off of the ip so they will make another one even if the original wasn't meant for a sequel or a prequel. It's the way the industry is run.

djplonker1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )


I would say you lean slightly more towards the microsoft camp and I am wondering why you have never said the same about halo it's been going down hill since halo 3.

After I finished tlou I was excited to see what they could improve for the sequel (gameplay wise) and I want to know what happens to the characters after the events of the first one!

Septic1554d ago

"I would say you lean slightly more towards the microsoft camp and I am wondering why you have never said the same about halo it's been going down hill since halo 3."

Its not rocket science. The Last of Us' major appeal is its story and single player campaign. That's why it is a classic. The Halo franchise has had a decent campaign plus, more importantly for many people, the multiplayer.

So, ignoring the so called bias you're trying to imply that I have, I just don't think TLOU NEEDS a sequel.

Here's what Naughty Dog had to say on the matter:

""I think we always make a smart decision in that all of our games are SELF-CONTAINED stories so they don't have to continue if we don't want them to or if there's no reason for them to continue".

The stories in Halo are not self-contained; if anything, the games don't do the lore expanded brilliantly in other mediums like the books, any justice.

Do you understand now?

thorstein1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Microsoft has a camp? Does SONY? Where do I find it? Is it filled with 4K TVs and PS4s?!

Sounds magical!


Sayburr1554d ago

"After I finished tlou I was excited to see what they could improve for the sequel (gameplay wise) and I want to know what happens to the characters after the events of the first one!"

If they do a direct sequel, that is what I would want. I just know people are going to be trying to hunt them down... the next part can be them trying to keep from getting caught while trying to find an alternate way to "fix the problem"... trying to be spoiler free in this comment for those who have not played the game yet.

Hellsvacancy1554d ago

I'm really hoping ND take a stab at making a sc-fi game, in the vain of Firefly

I'd love TLOU2, it WILL happen eventually

ravinash1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

They would only make a sequel if ND can come up with a deep and meaningful story.
TLOU has an interesting insight of human nature and how people might drop that to survive.
As long as the story doesn’t just have a main story following the main characters but also look into what makes us human, then the games will do well.

asmith23061554d ago

The reason I want to see more is exactly because it left you thinking and I want to see more of these characters as the years have passed in that world.

MrDead1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

I'm with you on this Septic, I don't think it needs a sequel.

I love the Last of Us, very few games truly emotionally effect the player quite as this game did. I don't think a sequel could have the impact of the original as in when you first see and have to deal with the infected or when you're exposed to the sheer brutality of the lives of the games inhabitants and the wonder and awe of the urban wilderness that ND created. All of these things would be lessened in a sequel as we have experienced it all before.

I see TLOF as this perfect gem that is so complete in its execution that if you keep adding to it you risk watering down its brilliance.

…………. but even though I say these things I would love ND to prove me wrong.

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Kalebninja1554d ago

ok while they do that every real playstation fan is waiting for another friggin jack and daxter....

Nate-Dog1554d ago

Eh it's the way Naughty Dog tend to operate. They had Crash on PS1, Jak & Daxter on PS2, Uncharted on PS3 and then The Last of Us afterwards (probably mainly since it was a long-ish generation in comparison to previous ones). They won't go back, especially not to a platformer when platforming games just haven't really had the bite they used to unfortunately.

ravinash1554d ago

It's a nice problem to have, so many IPs that people love.

MegaRay1554d ago

I used to wait for each of NDs games to release in hope the next one will be a Jak game. But now ill be satisfied if they just made an HD version of Jak X :(

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

That site never loads on my browser...

Anyway, I thought it was pretty much confirmed. They already said they were working on 2 ps4 games. We know Uncharted 4 is one. The obvious other would be The Last of Us sequel.

Consider this:
- ND is a two team studio
- Uncharted is done after Uncharted 4
- That means the Uncharted team will be making a new IP afterwards.

Is it reasonable to think that ND will be making 2 new IP's so close to each other?

TFJWM1554d ago

ND already hinted that the 2nd team is working on a new IP. Also Neil and Bruce are working on UC4, would make more sense with them starting TLoU2 once they are done

Zizi1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

As much as I want 'Uncharted 4,' I do also rave about a sequel to 'The Last of Us.'

I consider that the 'Remastered' version of the game is a disappointment.

ravinash1554d ago

I think the remaster of TLOU is a nice way of cutting their teeth on the PS4 before the PS4 comes out.
Then they can work on the next TLOU as the assets are already there.
And the team who worked on Uncharted 4 can start work on the new IP.

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