The Last Guardian is Jesus

By Cyrus Martin

The greatest game of all time will save the industry and change water into wine… or will it?

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MrSwankSinatra1552d ago

And Final Fantasy XV is Satan because either it'll rise to success thus taking over the RPG gaming heaven above or it'll be failure causing square enix to be cast of the bottomless pits of hell, but in this case let us call it bankruptcy.

thorstein1552d ago

I drove by a church yesterday and the placard read: Faith: Seeing the Invisible.

Nothing like truth in advertising.

derrickgott0071552d ago

But you saw the sign, right?

BigBosss1552d ago

I'm an Orthodox Christian and this is just childish :/

Eonjay1552d ago

We don't even know what this game is. I think we would all buy it because it is basically a mythos within the gaming community itself.

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