Why No Man’s Sky is the most important game release of the decade

Sean Davies of PSGamer explains how his 5 year old son helped him recognise how important No Man's Sky really is.

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ElementX1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

There have been a lot of games where you can reach anything, go anywhere you see on screen. This isn't a No Man's Sky innovation.

JBSleek1554d ago

Thank you. I don't understand why people think this game is so unique. Starbound, Space Engineers, Proteus, Spore, Evochron .

jillSandwich1554d ago

Starbound is mentioned in the article. Proteus was procedurally generated but you couldn't go "anywhere". You couldn't go to any of the stars. Yo couldn't go under the sea. No Man's Sky is the first really main stream example of a "go anywhere" game.

Lon3wolf1554d ago

Cant speak for the others but in Evochron you cannot explore the planets like in No Mans Sky, you can dock with a city only. In No Mans you can get out of your ship and explore the whole planet you have just landed on big difference between the 2 games.

ShutUpDonny1554d ago

It's not just about going anywhere. No Man's Sky is about making us live an old kid's fantasy of exploring the Universe. It's not about space marines or politics of aliens alliances... Just going were no man has gone before. A lot of games came close before, but when I watch No Man's Sky trailers, I feel like I'm 10 years old again.

vudu1554d ago

1. I felt the same way when I saw the trailers.
2. Why is your avatar the dude and not Walter?

cleft51554d ago

I understand in this day and era why it is so easy to be cynical and if it wasn't for the interview with the developer talking about the game I would be there with you. But the enthusiasm from the developer and the things they are talking about delivering isn't about being innovative but completely realize a dream that we all have as kids and adults. The dream of exploration. The dream of being the first person to find something and share that unique experience with our friends.

It is clear from the developer interviews that they honestly believe they are able to deliver on this true unfiltered experience. I don't know if they can do it or not, but I am hoping for once that they can deliver something we all want.

s45gr321554d ago

Mercenaries for the PS2 and xbox is the only game I can think of. For pretty much every so called open world game, the gamer is tasked with completing a certain amount of missions to advance to the next area. Skyrim along with the newer fallout games do have skyboxes and certain limitations. I need to play the older elder scroll games and fallout games to see how open those games are.

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lelo1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Way too much hype for this game. Let's see if it can deliver.

Lon3wolf1554d ago

Fingers crossed it does, sounds good on paper and from the limited Demos we have been shown. Will be watching this to see if it lives up to the hype.

medman1554d ago Show
BigBosss1554d ago

I still cannot believe that this is an indie title. Can't wait to play this with my friends :)

Myst-Vearn1554d ago

why are people hyping this so much?

BigBosss1554d ago

Have you not heard good things about this game? From what I have been hearing, this game is going to own. Especially for an Indie title.

modesign1554d ago

im guessing the haters are all star citizen contributors.

s45gr321554d ago

Is an indie title that is getting as much hype as any mainstream game with the resurrection of be able to go anywhere from land to space, to be able to explore different planets with say planets having its own lifeforms, flora, fauna and weather and no loading screens anywhere when the gamer is doing all of these activities. It has a dark souls type of multiplayer. It pretty much puts every mainstream game to shame. The closest game released not in alpha a.k.a. early access is Mercenaries for the PS2, Xbox, probably on GameCube. It was a military third person shooter that allowed the gamer to go anywhere and I do mean anywhere none of that bullshit of complete certain missions before going to the next area, it did have loading times but I highly recommend this classic of a game. Is also similar to Minecraft the PC version but this game does have skyboxes and very few area restrictions

TheBoy1554d ago

Most important game release of the decade... Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for No Mans Sky, but it's not even the most important game release of the year, don't over exaggerate.

TransientDreamer1554d ago

Over-exaggerate is not a word. You can't exaggerate an exaggeration.

Perjoss1554d ago

do you feel better now?

Cryptcuzz1554d ago

Stop over exaggerating the meanings behind word(s) :D

When I used that term sometimes, what I'm saying is stop exaggerating in a way that is overkill/overboard to what is needed to convey the message.

You're right though, so +1 point for you. It's not cool to be a grammar police on the internet though, so -1 point for you. So no harm done. Carry on please!

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