Guess what Eiji Aonuna wants The Legend of Zelda to become? Yes, an Open-World Game

SegmentNext - "In the latest edition of the Japanese feature Nintendo News, the producer of ‘The Legend of Zelda for Wii U‘ Eiji Aonuma spoke about the different aspects of the game, primarily its open-world."

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masterfox1550d ago

Zelda games have been somehow always an open world game, my last Zelda game I played was Twilight Princess, at the beginning you first start in a small town but few moments later the maps opens up to run freely to explore, and of course the usual quest map locks.

So I don't think this is kinda new for a Zelda game.

BenRage31550d ago

I understand what you are saying, but the difference is that you should be able to approach a new area from any direction as opposed to being sort of funneled through entrances and exits.

When you approach a new major area in Twilight princess for example, every area sort of has an entrance. The new Zelda should, in theory, be more sandbox like.

Spooney3231550d ago

It will play like the original. You can go anywhere, enter any dungeon, fight anything. Certain areas will have stronger mobs, certain dungeons will require specific items to advance, and hidden secrets scattered about. "It's a secret to Everybody."

ChronoJoe1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Technically Zelda is already the definition of an open world game... it's not sandbox, if that's what he means, but it is open-world.

Canary-00831550d ago

The original NES game, maybe, but nothing else. Many Zelda games are Segmented Worlds, which is a different thing.

Chrischi19881550d ago

They will always be segemented, even in Nintendos definition of open world. You still have to have your items to reach certain places. But thinking about it, all the 2D Zeldas were somehow open world, just not like how people think about open world, when they think about GTA or Skyrim.

But there has always been a big connected map, not levels to go through, but it is segmented, but I guess it always will be to a certain amount, it is still a Zelda game. I believe this is why Miyamoto said he doesnt like to use the term open world just like that.

ChronoJoe1549d ago

You don't have to avoid any form of restriction to classify your game as open world. Even open world games like GTA usually segment their open world environments, for instance you can't go to the second island in Infamous until you hit a certain point in the story, and there are other gameplay segments (such as sewers) which are specific to moments in time and cannot be returned to. Yet the consensus is that it is still an open world game.

Zelda is still open world, even if its segmented at times. Some are more open world than others, admittedly. Wind Waker is extremely open, for instance.

Canary-00831548d ago

Er... Segmenting isn't about level design. Its about the game only loading the terrain for a single area at a time, whereas open world games stagger terrain loading based on player location.

IE a segmented world has the game area segmented into different areas that you must transition between, whereas open worlds are, well, open. This is why you can see cities miles away in skyrim, but can't see Kakariko from Hyrule Field, for example!

MSBAUSTX1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

This one seems to not have the noticable boundaries that the others had. Wind Waker was the best at fooling you that it was open world. The processing capability they admitted wasntt here to make it a more detailed open world map. However with the Wii U they can do it the way they wanted. It is interesting to noote too that he said the "puzzle solving begins with figuring out how to reach the dungeons". That statement would indicate that the temples and dungeons would not be linear and require you to have certain items to gain entry. However, items you find throughout the game might require you to revisit those dungeons you have found to obtain entry to secret or hidden areas with the items you have found. This way it has a sandbox open world feel with the always loved rewards of exploring and revisiting old places to find new stuff. This would be cool IMO and is the way most LOZ games have been in the past.

bass4g1550d ago

I reckon zelda u will be like Skyward sword but more open, less linear and less handholdy. Remember in SS you would have to explore the overworld to get the dungeons. So imagine if you then connected that overworld and add in more ways to explore and get to dungeons. So maybe if you have the hookshot you can explore in one way and take one path for a dungeon or if you didn't have it you'd do it a different way. It would even mean that they could do ideas from skyward sword that weren't pulled off that well. So in SS you would return to areas even dungeons, which was kind of hit and miss but if they then made that design more open it would work. You wouldn't HAVE to revisit areas but if you wanted to then you could come back and take a different path.

MSBAUSTX1550d ago

Yeah I think what you are saying makes sense and would be the best way to make it be open world but still work with the normal LOZ feel.

contradictory1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

you misspelled Aonuma in the title :)

MSBAUSTX1550d ago

I didnt noticei t until now lol. All I can look at now.

hkgamer1550d ago

I probably get a lot of disagrees for this, but here it goes. Open world games tend to have a lesser storyline to linear games.

Zelda storylines have lacked a little therefore an open world should suit it. However, I think they should have gone for a more linear epic storyline.

My opinion is based purely on open world games storylines compared to linear games and so far linear games had better story.

colonel1791550d ago

That's not true. A game can be open world and still have a great story. Assassin's Creed is heavy on story and is open world.

Zelda will never be true sandbox game, since it would require to be mission based. However, it's nice that they are trying to make an approach like the original NES Zelda which you could go everywhere every time.

randomass1711550d ago

I thought GTAIV, GTAV and Assassin's Creed II had pretty good stories and those were all sandbox games. I think it can be done, you just need to be able to do it right.